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  1. for Realtek 8187 have a look at this - http://blog.eurico.net/?p=36 My adapter looks similar but is branded G-SKY and has a slightly differently case moulding. Don't know exactly what version of the chip I have as it shows up as "RTL8187_Wireless" works on my macBook Pro with 10.6.4 I'm using it now to connect to a wifi cafe across the street :-) the internal antenna's no good for the same connection
  2. rev3 works a treat on my Acer Travelmate 2420 with an ENE CB1410 cardbus and 10.4.11 However - do not just use disk utility to reset permissions, use the full chmod chown thingy through terminal. 1 quick question - Is there an easy way to put a device name in? It shows as 'Unknown Vendor'... Sam.
  3. I had a similar issue with an upgrade but with GMA915 (see 3 posts up). Make sure the GMA950 kexts are not in the extensions folder and if they are then delete them. Delete the cache and reboot and all should be OK Sam.
  4. Installed easily on an ACER Travelmate 2420 laptop - Celeron M 1.5GHz (SSE2) GMA915 graphics 2GB RAM built in Atheros wireless AC97 sound Upgraded over the top of Jas 10.4.8 and didn't lose any personal settings - someone previously asked about upgrades. Used 8.9.1 kernel with no EFI options and only had to remove the GMA950 kexts to get CI/QE working. Couldn't get the wireless to work with Leopard so I'm very pleased this latest Tiger does. Unfortunately still need to run Windows to test VBScripts with Access databases (via VMWare) but everything else is on OSX. Sam.
  5. CPU Temerature to high!

    I have the same problem with an Acer Travelmate laptop. The laptop is dual boot and works fine with XP. In OSX it gets so hot it shuts itself down. My solution was to buy an external USB powered cooling pad Sam.
  6. Free iPod video Conversion utility

    Handbrake is really good in OSX but I had problems with the Windows version. I was using Imtoo DVD ripper in Windows but now do it all in OSX with Handbrake if it's a DVD or FFmpegx if it's an avi/mpg Sam.
  7. iPod Shuffle or Nano

    I have a 2G Shuffle and it's great for how I use it. Load songs randomly and set it to random play, then update every couple of days to keep it fresh. It's good to listen to songs that normally you wouldn't choose. However - the new Shuffle has very few accessories and is not compatible with most speaker docks (unless they give the option of 3.5mm head phone input) If you like to choose your tracks or listen to full albums then get a Nano. If you like your whole music collection and enjoy the odd 'I haven't heard that song in ages' then get the Shuffle. Sam.
  8. help! ipod wont mount

    I have the same problem with my iPod + Dell USB stick + external HDD caddy. If they are plugged in before boot then no problems but do not mount if plugged in after boot. Devices show up in system profiler but don't mount. Everything was working fine and no changes were made to the system since then. Sam.
  9. USB Pendrive

    Also now discovered same problem with my iPod... If device is plugged in before boot it is recognised and mounted and can be removed and reinserted successfully. If device is plugged in after boot it is recognised in system profiler but not mounted... any ideas????? Sam.
  10. USB Pendrive

    I am having the same problem with a Dell USB stick - shows up in system profiler but doesn't auto mount. It will mount properly if it is plugged in on boot but not as 'hot swap' which is a pain when transferring between computers (laptop is not allowed to connect to work network but work PC doesn't have Photoshop) Same problem with an external HDD but it hasn't worked properly for a while, the USB stick only started playing up today. TIA Sam.
  11. I have a Acer Trvelmate 2420 which also overheats when running osx. When running processor intensive programs (usually processing avi files to burn to DVD using Toast or Burn) it will eventually put itself into sleep mode with no warning - unfortunately I can't wake form sleep so it may as well have powered off completely. Raising the rear of the laptop a little helps airflow and greatly reduces crashes. This only seemed to start when I upgraded my memory to 1GB (2 x 512MB). If I boot into XP there isn't a problem using Cyberlink Power Producer to do the same thing. Sam.