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  1. Download-Fritz


    AMF guards all RT memory except for a self-created copy of the SystemTable page
  2. Download-Fritz


    I just went through it and while one aspect seems to be borked, I don't see anything that should cause a stall. Maybe GetNextVariableName() never returns EFI_NOT_FOUND on that machine? We'll need more information on the issue.
  3. Download-Fritz

    HFSPlus, HFSPlus-64 and vboxhfs.efi?

    The "-64" suffix is added by Clover for clearity, it doesn't matter Extracting HFSPlus is usually legal, sharing it is not for it is copyrighted of course ApfsDriverLoader loads apfs.efi from the APFS container, checks its sig and disables verbose spam
  4. Download-Fritz


    Oh sorry, that was not clear. I have heard H-series boards sometimes have a NVRAM whitelist, which is out of scope for AptioMemoryFix, at least at the moment
  5. Download-Fritz


    Any errors should be printed to the screen in verbose boot mode.
  6. Download-Fritz


    "don't work", well then...
  7. Download-Fritz

    Clover Problems and Solutions

    The switch handler at StateGenerator.c:114 uses an undocumented MSR (0xEE, "MSR_IA32_EXT_CONFIG"), which is handled by the "CPU_MODEL_DOTHAN" case despite not being implemented by following CPU: https://ark.intel.com/products/27590
  8. Download-Fritz


    ACPI is unrelated
  9. Download-Fritz


    DEBUG() calls are usually not enabled in production images
  10. Download-Fritz

    FileVault 2

    You will have to debug this yourself by modifying the UsbKbDxe source to print debug information
  11. Download-Fritz


    S3-wake does not follow a full boot route but instead hands off to a defined OS wake vector after early init... boot.efi is not invoked
  12. Download-Fritz


    When will you finally learn your lesson?
  13. Download-Fritz

    Clover Problems and Solutions

    The kernel will not start until after SetVirtualAddressMap(). Aside from that, I honestly cannot imagine why CSM even works... it's integrated quite deeply and, in contrast to probably anything else, tested, so I guess it does a bunch of cleanup tasks. The point is you need more platform knowledge than you should have to implement this with almost no gain. If it's only about NVRAM for you, porting AMI NVRAM to DUET would probably be an easier and cleaner task.
  14. Download-Fritz

    Clover Problems and Solutions

    You can only assume that after SetVirtualAddressMap()... At best it would be ExitBootServices(), but iirc Linux has workarounds for borked firmwares that still access BS memory after ExitBS(). Sorry, what do you mean?