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  1. Download-Fritz


    S3-wake does not follow a full boot route but instead hands off to a defined OS wake vector after early init... boot.efi is not invoked
  2. Download-Fritz


    When will you finally learn your lesson?
  3. Download-Fritz

    Clover Problems and Solutions

    The kernel will not start until after SetVirtualAddressMap(). Aside from that, I honestly cannot imagine why CSM even works... it's integrated quite deeply and, in contrast to probably anything else, tested, so I guess it does a bunch of cleanup tasks. The point is you need more platform knowledge than you should have to implement this with almost no gain. If it's only about NVRAM for you, porting AMI NVRAM to DUET would probably be an easier and cleaner task.
  4. Download-Fritz

    Clover Problems and Solutions

    You can only assume that after SetVirtualAddressMap()... At best it would be ExitBootServices(), but iirc Linux has workarounds for borked firmwares that still access BS memory after ExitBS(). Sorry, what do you mean?
  5. Download-Fritz

    Clover Problems and Solutions

    Defining own BS will not resolve the NVRAM issue, that would need to be taken over from AF. AMI BS code is very broken and if you want to entirely terminate the AMI UEFI environment, there *will* be leftovers (devices not properly stopped etc) that will need to be cleaned up in a platform-specific way. Not terminating the AMI UEFI env could lead to invalid accesses to the old services. Not every driver is terminatable, but modifies the environment (device ownership, IDT, ...), needs cleanup too. RT drivers would need to be reloaded or replaced to guarantee a safe environment. Reloading might not work due to dependencies on actions done on events (AMI specific events etc). Some actions run twice might cause issues. There will be a huge performance penalty and a noticable switch (GOP needs to be shut down and back up, etc). All in all, a crapton of work for almost no benefit, would not recommend. The two best options we have are AptioFix and a replacement for the entire platform FW.
  6. Download-Fritz

    FileVault 2

    Could be fixed by using bless, but obviously nobody cares lol
  7. Download-Fritz


    There probably won't be a lot of sample code for a legacy environment and likely it's not worth it for an old, legacy, unmaintained bootloader to work out either. If you still insist, edk2's SourceLevelDebugPkg has code on EHCI debugging. You will need to write a server software too of course, or use an existing one and stick to the protocol.
  8. Download-Fritz

    Clover General discussion

    Why would it be?
  9. Download-Fritz

    FileVault 2

    FV2 only affects your FV2 OS partition (encrypting) and the matching Recovery (installing boot files). Any other partitions are untouched.
  10. Download-Fritz

    Clover General discussion

    Are you sure Clover performs a "reconnect all" instead of a "connect all"?
  11. Download-Fritz

    FileVault 2

    If you write a bluetooth controller and HID driver, sure
  12. Download-Fritz


    I suppose you did in one way or the other... once or twice... Implication: If AptioFix allowed defragmentation, there would be no memory range collision. Former implication violated: If defragmatation takes place after the kernel is loaded (which is true), defragmatation can neither preserve data or make room, because all kernel loading operations that could possibly benefit already have taken place. Linear time. It's not only factually wrong, because boot.efi uses AllocatePages() to allocate each of the kernel regions, which checks whether the target range is occupied already, but also ignores all the "memory allocation errors". There is no error to be displayed if boot.efi just copies into Nirvana without any checks. Show the code or go home. I sometimes wonder whether you don't see such things or whether you just hope nobody notices due to walls of text.
  13. Download-Fritz


    Well, this is about apianti's opinion: The kernel relocates RT data. And I asked him to show that code.
  14. Download-Fritz


    This is literally code to map pages 1:1 physical to virtual with addresses provided by boot.efi, there isn't even unrelated copy code there, there is no copy code at all. Is it even worth replying at tjis point?