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  1. Download-Fritz


    I suppose you did in one way or the other... once or twice... Implication: If AptioFix allowed defragmentation, there would be no memory range collision. Former implication violated: If defragmatation takes place after the kernel is loaded (which is true), defragmatation can neither preserve data or make room, because all kernel loading operations that could possibly benefit already have taken place. Linear time. It's not only factually wrong, because boot.efi uses AllocatePages() to allocate each of the kernel regions, which checks whether the target range is occupied already, but also ignores all the "memory allocation errors". There is no error to be displayed if boot.efi just copies into Nirvana without any checks. Show the code or go home. I sometimes wonder whether you don't see such things or whether you just hope nobody notices due to walls of text.
  2. Download-Fritz


    Well, this is about apianti's opinion: The kernel relocates RT data. And I asked him to show that code.
  3. Download-Fritz


    This is literally code to map pages 1:1 physical to virtual with addresses provided by boot.efi, there isn't even unrelated copy code there, there is no copy code at all. Is it even worth replying at tjis point?
  4. Download-Fritz


    With my last reply, I was giving you the benefit of the doubt that you actually mistyped and meant that boot.efi does this... would you mind explaining how the kernel, which has to be loaded to be executed, can relocate data to make room for itself to be loaded? This is a double timely paradox. I cannot show the specific code in boot.efi itself now because the idb I have is mostly edited by vit and I don't plan to share without his explicite agreeing, however macosxbootloader might be good enough: https://github.com/Piker-Alpha/macosxbootloader/blob/El-Capitan/src/boot/MemoryMap.cpp#L254 If you are still doubting, you might be ready to quote the kernel source, which is open source. EDIT: Even quicker way to verify: https://github.com/vit9696/AptioFixPkg/blob/master/Platform/AptioMemoryFix/BootFixes.c#L79 So, memory types are restored on kerne entry. How does the kernel deal with something ((not) relocating MMIO vs RT data), when it's changed back on the entry point call? Why is it changed during boot.efi execution when boot.efi is unrelated?
  5. Download-Fritz

    Clover Bug/Issue Report and Patch

    Sorry if I overlooked something, but did you intend to show the UDK2008 (not 2018) branch?
  6. Download-Fritz


    But boot.efi does, which is what I said
  7. Download-Fritz


    X) boot.efi loads the kernel. It uses UEFI allocation services. Y, Y > X) boot.efi does or would (if the type hasn't been changed for all but one page) defragment the runtime data. Can we please agree on the concept of linear time? "Jesus??????"
  8. Download-Fritz

    Filevault 2 (FV2) with ps2 keyboard

    Am I blind or do you not recalculate the gST CRC? Also, what toolchain/optimization level are you using? Looks like O0 or some borked setup, there is quite some trash in there
  9. Download-Fritz


    The kernel is loaded before the RT pages are defragmented, the moving does and would not free any area "where the kernel wants to go".
  10. Sure, such as when I'm talking to people that aren't. May I propose not giving the voluntary {censored} who I have seen working his ass off for free over the past years, then? Go play outside, it's summer afterall...
  11. Can't see where he said "I own the site, but the server provider demands ads"... Maybe actually read your replies...
  12. This is not Poco's site... maybe we should collect and buy it for him though.
  13. Download-Fritz

    Filevault 2 (FV2) with ps2 keyboard

    Make sure you set the EFI_DRIVER_BINDING_PROTOCOL Version high enough
  14. Download-Fritz

    Filevault 2 (FV2) with ps2 keyboard

    The AMI driver is a HID driver (I don't know if the exact issues present for USB apply to PS/2 the same way, but I guess so) and flashing means integrating the driver into your UEFI image and flashing that.