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  1. Thanks MSoK. Can I please confirm that it is possible with this tool to do: (in this order?) Buy Mac mini with Lion preinstalled. Install VMware Fusion 4 (download it, etc). Apply patch from Zenith. Purchase SL client DVD and create VM somehow (do I follow the normal VMWare instructions as if installing SLserver? - I've not ever fried to run/make a VM before.). Is that the correct workflow? Will it "just work"? I'm about to pull the trigger on a new MM, but would like to know that the Rosetta apps I need will still run. Finally: hats off to you chaps for this ongoing effort. Matt
  2. Hello, new member here! I've done some searching, but I've not yet quite found the guide/info I am after. GOAL: I'd like to run a mac mini (with Lion preinstalled), purchase VMWare Fusion 4, and install a 10.6 client VM (purchased from Apple). Is this possible? (with a simple way to bypass the VMware/Apple EULA restriction for server version only). I am NOT very computer savvy, but can learn what's what as needed! Cheers! Matt