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  1. The first Mac you ever used.

    The first Mac i touched was a 128k, in 1984, in a Computer shop in my town that was an "Apple store": I was a kid with a simple Commodore Vic 20 at home and when I looked at it I was so surprised... ehm and I tried to cancel the System disk But in that store there were also one Lisa, one Apple III and several Apple IIc and IIe... I remember also an electonic store in front of it that used an Apple IIe with the 5 Mbytes "winchester" hard disk until 10 years ago for the billing software. Here in Italy the is a little "museum", this is their website: http://www.allaboutapple.com
  2. Help with G4

    Hi, I flashed yesterday an old Asus 9520 FX5200/128M card and it works good on a G4 Sawtooth. I followed the instructions on the Strangedogs forum. Pay attention to the model of your card: I read that the slim ones cannot be flashed correctly.. (my card was a full height from an old Compaq pc). Tomorrow I will test it with a lcd display on the DVI port. All on Macos X 10.3.9
  3. Greatest Mac in History

    Really difficult to say... * Most revolutionary within Apple The first Intel machine: revolutionary for a company that always used Motorola/IBM cpus (well, excluding the Apple II) * Most revolutionary within industry The first Mac, of course! In the 1984 was a dream.. and we are still dreaming! I could also say "The Lisa" but it had so little life and market * Best selling The iMac G3, the machine that let Apple survive and start again (it's a Jobs' product...) * Most technically advanced for the day The first Mac * Best industrial design The first Mac, the iMac G3 * Best reviews Quite every Apple product... * Best overall quality Quite every Apple product... I have some 15-years old machine still working... * Best OS for the time In 1984 the System 1.0, then the Os X... But the best of all will be surely... the next one!