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  1. [HowTo] Broadcom wireless cards in 10.4.3

    Hi, i tried your instructions and followed them bit for bit untill the first reboot. Now i get stuck in a never ending boot screen (white with apple) and I cant boot into OSX. Any suggestions? p.s I might just want to buy a different wireless card. can anybody tell me where to get an Atheros wireless card that will fit in my socket? it should look like this one (see pic)
  2. [How To] Solutions for Ethernet Problems

    i have a strange issue with a wireless card in my laptop. it thinks that it is ethernet. when i went through the setup on a fresh installation, it knew it was a wireless card, and i was able to pic up signal and connect, but when i launch osx it does not allow me to configure the airport card, and none of the wireless troubleshoots that i have tried have worked. please help.... this is a picture of the setup. now since i have launched osx the airport icon in the menu bar is always blank, and in the system prefferences it show that i am connected via ethernet. NEED HELP/ IDEAS
  3. Simple Broadcom Wirless Tutorial

    i have an odd problem with my wireless configuration. I am using the Jas 10.4.6 disc 1. When i do a clean install, and it asks me if i want to use a network for something, I am able to succesfully scan for networks, and I am able to connect to them PROBLEM: 2. although I am able to connect, once OSX starts it assumes i am on a wired ethernet network. if i reboot it will not connect to the net. 3. I have an HP Pavilion dv6000. I think the wireless card is a broadcom. There is a chip on the card that sais broadcom, but idk if thats the manufacturer of the whole chip. 4. I have tried the Atheros method, the Broadcom card method, and the broadcom chipset method and i have a few problems. *the atheros method kernal cannot be loaded. *in either broadcom method, when I am supposed to edit THE .PLIST file, the file is completely blank. any ideas on how to fix this?