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  1. OSX86 on Intel P45 chipset?

    What do you guys recommend me to do? i want a new MB with more SATA ports Can you recommend the Asus p5q deluxe? and will i be able to use all 8 sata ports? or maybe the p5q3 deluxe? and another thing, what is the drwback of the modded bios? is there any? since im going to run vista 64bit alongside Dennis
  2. EFI GFX String Installer [Beta]

    i have found a way to install the 3870x2 with 10.5.4 unfortunally its not efi Install leopard graphic update and then 3870x2pkg.pkg that is all around and then its running smoothly
  3. EFI GFX String Installer [Beta]

    I have a small update for you, i just installed the new iatkos 10.5.4 on my test drive, then your efi gfx string, it allmost worked, it sees the card, but no qe/ci support and wrong resolution this is a 3870x2 device id 950F Now i have to figure out this small last part, and then i just might install it on the main drive
  4. EFI GFX String Installer [Beta]

    i havent tried your file yet, im going to make a test osx soon for all kind of tests but ill add the file for my card anyway Its a 3870x2 with the id 0x950f Will this allso work in 10.5.4 and so on, since i have troubles getting past 10.5.2 since there arent any drivers for this card yet UPDATE: this have now been tried and wont work for this card in 10.5.2, it just boot to a blue screen, this have been tried on a clean install both with and without the leo graphic update ioreg.txt
  5. Sweet, that would make it easy for me to then all i have to figure out is hot to get the 3870x2 to work in 10.5.3 and 10.5.4 i can only get it to work in 10.5.2, but even then, this install method would be a beloved setup Dennis
  6. Radeon 3850/3870 thread

    Like the rest of you im considering a 3870X2 card, but i have a small question for you. At the moment i have a 1900XT card and wanted to upgrade, do you replace the card and just reboot and install drivers, or install drivers first? or do i simply have to reinstall OSX? Dennis
  7. fixed my problems, reinstalled 10.5.1 copied back the applesmbios kext and voila it works :-D
  8. Hi guys Just saw this thread and wanted to join you with my small problems :-D I installed Leo and updated it to 10.5.1 used efi V6 with boot_v5 for the bootloader. But i was unable to use the kernel that Leo updated itself to, so i found a kernel that works (toh sleep_kernel) but i wondered if some of you have a real 10.5.1 kernel that works? secondly my cpu is reported as a core 2 solo instead of core 2 duo, anyone have a solution to this, i have tried both the smbios kext from the efi patch and the one from vanilla kext´s that i found, but no luck.
  9. I can overclock, i just cant use the function where the motherboard overclock the cpu while its on, OSX doesnt like that at all, but that isnt anything im worried about, i dont loose performance at all. Lan didnt work out of the box
  10. it is working perfect here now, i just had to turn off the "auto overclock" function inside the bios :-D Now its stable as a rock, havent tried sleeping though, but restart doesnt work but shutdown does. Have to update sig with my findings ;-)
  11. take a look here http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=32670 and if it is unstable (beach ball of dead) turn off the auto overclock function inside the bios
  12. Beach ball of death!

    any update/ideas on this one, i dont get it ofter, but i do get it with the latest Jas 10.4.8 :-(
  13. What do you mean by stuttering? is it stopping completely and the multi color ball shows up and nothing happens for a LOOOOONG time? (then i got that problem, i allways end up using the chassis power button) or is it something else you mean by stuttering? Dennis
  14. Asus P5W DH Deluxe?

    Perfect, that was the info i needed :-D now i just need to figure out why it doesnt connect to the internet, even though it gets info from my router about the setup Dennis
  15. i got it running with the new DVD, but no network is working, it sees the network and gets all the ip info it need, but it doesnt go to the internet :-( Can you explain how to do that? Dennis