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  1. Hi all, I am trying to install Mojave on my computer, currently on the same drive I have Win 10. As of now I have installed Mojave on vmware and cloned the OS with carbon copy to an external drive; tried different Clover EFI configurations but no luck, I get STOP icon during boot (no specific error). PC specs: - ASROCK P67 extreme 4 - i5 2500k -8 gb ram -sapphire nitro+ rx 580 I was able to boot Mountain lion but AMD 6970 wasnt working properly, now with clover I cant boot at all so my PC is quite compatible. Could you please help me to configure CLover and config.plist? Attached the files I found on internet for my build. Thanks Asrock SSDT+DSDT.zip CLOVER.SERIES.CHIPSET.zip
  2. elidoe89

    Installare Sierra su ASUS K550VX-XX107T

    io ho un pc simile ASUS K550VX-XX207Tho provato il kext per il trackpad ma non andava affatto anzi il puntatore era lentissimo. inoltre la batteria mi mostra sempre 0% e non sono sicuro che i tasti FN funzionino. Come applico SSDT e DSDT??
  3. elidoe89

    Installare Sierra su ASUS K550VX-XX107T

    ciao, potreste darmi una mano?? ho un asus k550vx , cambia solo il processore 6300hq invece di 6700hq. ho seguito la guida sostituendo la cartella clover, disabilitando le cose nel bios ma dopo qualche riga di caricamento usando -v tutto si ferma.
  4. elidoe89

    AMD dual graphics 6950 supported

    it works fine for me, except for cold boot and green screen in photoshop and heaven unigine benchmark.
  5. elidoe89

    AMD dual graphics 6950 supported

    I have one issue, youtube freezes after about 10 seconds, when I move the progress bar it works again then after 10 secs it stops. 6950 on 10.7.5 using the guide on page 1.