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  1. Strange startup - several boots needed?

    Thanks eep. Top reply! Ill first repair permissions and see if that fixes it. Thanks again Al
  2. I've been successfully using my hackintosh for a year. Recently though my computer starting up has needed about 3 or 4 boots to get going properly. For example, on first boot, it's takes three minutes longer than normal, and the a screen I am presented with has either no working mouse, or a slightly shaded (darker) desktop. So I reboot, then it boots and I now have working mouse but not much else works, ie programs. I select reboot again, and then I reboot a fourth time. And I am then able to use the computer normally. It never used to be like this but gradually it seems to need these few boot ups every time. Can someone suggest why this might be and also how to fix it? Note I haven't updated multibeasst in ages but not sure if this would muck things up or even fix it? All I did do a while ago was install lion updates suggested by the system. Hope someone can help thanks.
  3. Thank you for that reply. I'll do that. Al
  4. I sucessfully installed OSX Lion 7.0 on my hackintosh i7 930. If I want to update the OS to latest Lion release is it just a case of connecting to software update? I mean are there any pitfalls to avoid with that and will it just update and work as is? Thanks Al
  5. Before upgrading my hackitosh system, is it simple and ok to upgrade my processor from an i7 970 to and i7 980x? I mean does the hackintosh install matter or is it just straight forward replace processor and go? Thanks Al p.s. will I see much performance difference with that upgrade or is it not worth the cash?
  6. I installed Lion 10. very successfully. But when I look at system information my RAM shows as 1069mhz instead on the 1600mhz speed it is (6x 2Gbs DDR3 of them). Anyone know if this is just a graphical error and if my actual ram speed Im getting is indeed 1600? Thanks Al
  7. Mac Pro 12 Core?

    Is there a way to replicate a hackintosh with the spec and speed of the latest Mac Pro 12 core (or if not the 8 Core) as seen here? http://store.apple.com/uk-business/browse/...WG-GO_UK_Pro-UK ...and how much faster will that be compared to my current system, Quad core i7 930, 12Gb Ram? Cheers Al
  8. Easy beast uses 32 bit plist?

    I worked it out. I just needed to add key archx86-64 string to the boot plist!
  9. OK so happy with the install of Lion OSX. Fresh install, and it's 64bit extensions enabled. but then I used Easy beast which seems to install something to make my OS32bit not 64 bit? (by loading the 32bit chameleon plist.) How can I then remove that 32 bit part to make my system 64 bit? Thanks Al
  10. Slow boot with 6Gb SSD!

    That worked an absolute treat!! 15 sec boot! Thank you so much! Best Al
  11. I've installed Lion 10.7 successfully on my Crucial M4 6Gb SSD. The drive speed test is clocking up a very impressive 260Gbps write AND read so happy there. However, using chameleon latest 4.0.2, my boot time is about 2 mins. Is there something I can do to speed it up? thanks Al p.s. I note when i installed Mac OSX, the install was super fast.
  12. This is strange, Here is screen shot from my 2011 MBP running the same Vertex 2 drive (ok its double capacity but...). Its not running Trim, yet its achieving the 260GBs speeds. So trim isnt a factor then? Is my Hackintosh MOBO ASUS P6Tse even capable of the same speeds as the MBP? Compare the two screen shots, my Hackintosh SSD and my MBP SSD Hope someone can help. Al Untitled.tiff
  13. No I haven't done trim. Ive googled a bit and see that its not possible to trim on Mac OSX. Is the thing to do, put the drive in a Windows 7 system, format it NTFS, run the Intel SSD trim tool, then put the drive back in my hack and copy the OSX Lion over to it? Would that work and would it give me better performance? Al
  14. I've finally got Lion installed on my PC, running pretty well. Just that I did a speedtest on the SSD the read speed is half of the speed when its in my 2011 MBP, and the write speed is around one third. (see attached images). Is there some way to fix the speed to closer to 240+Gbps? Thanks Al
  15. How do I even wake it from sleep? i tried hitting the keys and also moving the mouse...? Also, is it a big deal that it resets CMOS? What exactly does it mean? Thanks Al