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  1. MSoK, Thanks for the help. I followed the instructions at the link you gave above. Everything seemed to work fine until I got to the "Select a Disk to install on" window in the Mac install sequence. There were no locations in the box to select so I couldn't "continue". I could go back so it wasn't "hung". An "install tools" dialog popped up in the VMware, but when I clicked on the install button (after the third install attempt), I got a "couldn't find the file" message. I have attached the relevant files I believe. Mac_OS_X_Server_10.6_64_bit.vmx.txt vmware.txt
  2. Hi. I'm a complete noobie at both the Mac and virtualization. I apologize in advance for the extremely basic nature of my questions. I have VMware Workstation 8 and the unlocker installed on my Win7 Pro 64 system and that seems to all work fine. Additionally, I enabled virtualization of the i7 processor in the BIOS. So I guess I'm ready to install the latest Snow Leopard (OSX 10.6.3). After looking at the apple site it appears the only Snow Leopard they sell is an upgrade for $29. However, Amazon has what I guess is a "full version" for $69. Here are my questions: Am I correct in assuming I need more than the upgrade version of Snow Leopard? Does Apple not sell a "full version" of Snow Leopard? Is the $69 version of Snow Leopard on Amazon what I need? If not, what OS package do I need and where can I get it? Thank you for your help.