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  1. r9 290 (non-x) yosemited help

    Ok, so i'm running 10.10.5, and i can't get my msi 4g r9 290 to work. i've tried downloading the edited kexts and installing from kext wizard listed in post 194, i've tried changing fb name to Baladi, connector patches, etc. tried radeon and inject (though in this case i just couldn't boot. it would get to the apple logo and then just spin for infinity), tried using the vbios method (though when i extracted it with gpu-z i got hawaii.rom, not sure if that's right or wrong, but it didn't work. Saw some guys listing the bios as a number). Any ideas? I have been (previously though not on this installation) able to get it to be recognized, but with the dreaded 7mb problem that i was never able to overcome. Currently, can only boot into OS X with chameleon off a flash drive. I somehow buggered my clover, and so am trying to fix that. I'm very new to OS X, though i have some linux experience. Any ideas on what else i could try with the gpu? any ideas on how to fix the spinning infinity that comes when i use radeon and inject? EDIT Got it installed and up to 10.10.5. Still can't figure out why it's not working though. Nobody has an idea? Link to my gpu bios: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=EE7F19F0052011C5!1561093&authkey=!AIroJPKYFIbGDqg&ithint=file%2czip
  2. Fixed no kext load issue

    ok.... i tried about a year ago to get OSX on my toshiba tecra. i got it installed, but didn't stick with it because of the intel HD issue. i'm pretty much totally new at this, and was wondering if any of you knew a link to a stupid easy guide to do all this kext stuff..... I'm not really sure how to do it all. I'll do a fresh snow leopard (or should i do lion?) install when i get the chance. Any advice guys? Thanks Josh
  3. Help with 680i Sata drives only :(

    Wondering if anyone has been able to install on a evga 680i mobo on sata drives. I only have sata, and ide isn't financially possible right now (i'm a broke ass student). I have an 8800gt, and a 4890, and if people have had success, which gpu should i use? I'm hoping the 4890, as it's way faster! I'm super new at this, i did successfully install osx on my tecra, but it has intel HD gpu, and i could never get wifi working. any tips would be great. I'm not sure what TOH is, so tips on that would be great. last time i uses tony's tools, and they worked on my laptop. Any tips or advice would be much appreciated. thank you gentlemen.