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  1. mjn

    Bought Tiger

    sorry, got 2 natives ha ha 鯨?
  2. Today, I have went ahead to buy a Tiger package. After using OSX86, it was great and i can use MAC again. I know its pointless, Don't care about license. but to pay for the Apples' effort and its developers(who needs to eat also).. I went ahead to buy 2 Tiger package. some might laugh or think i am crazy... but its too great to be able to use this OS.. I didn't buy hw because its going to migrate next year (right?)... but i would if intel version is released. thanks to all the Heros here who made the OSX86 available. **it hurts to spend couple month of pocket money..... but at least, now i feel comfortable to myself. well nothing much, just my thoughts..... admin, pls delete this if you think its garbage.
  3. mjn

    x86 Tiger International Panel

    anyone has japanese.pkg on the tiger dvd? if can, pls PM me..i need the japanese.pkg.
  4. mjn


    I am trying to use fink, but the compile always fails stating that the architecture doesn't match. how do i force fink to set darwin-i386? rather than darwin-powerpc?
  5. anyone using Japanese? having problem "converting" characters on PPC application. native ones are no problem with space key.
  6. mjn

    WiFi or Bluetooth

    Can somebody point to me where i can get my AR#### working as per on this thread? i am really desperate.