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    [pre-release] macOS High Sierra

    I saw you have a X99 system without Intel iGPU and featured a AMD RX 480, how do you boot into system without black screen? I build a X99-A II + E5 2696 v3 + GTX970 system, I install 10.13 public beta, all okay, except no Nvidia driver support, so I buy a new video card RX460 and think it will be good and I can use RX460 until 10.13 and Nvidia release official version, but!! black screen issue!! I know it after black screen happened and googled! I search a lots, and find no answers, so disappointed ... Okay, just read it! ----------------------------------- You need a helper card because the RX480 cannot be the primary GPU. If it is the primary GPU, the driver crashes when it tries to initialize the card and you get a black screen. The only workaround at the moment is to set your primary GPU as the the 'helper card' in your BIOS, or if that is not an option, usually a motherboard will make the card in the first PCIE slot the primary. So make sure your RX480 is NOT in this slot, and is in a different one. The goal here is to make the computer/clover use the helper card. You do not need anything plugged into it, but you should have your display plugged into the RX480. If you did it correctly, you will get NO video on your display from the RX480 until right before the macOS desktop/login screen appears. No BIOS post, no clover, no boot progress bar, nothing. That is because it is sending the video to the 'helper' card because it is primary. If the RX480 is left untouched/unposted, then when the macOS AMD4100.kext driver loads (right at the end of the boot process), you will magically get accelerated video and the RX480 will work and you can ignore the helper card. If you run into problems during boot, you have to manually plug your monitor into the helper card and see what's up. It's a less than ideal solution, but its what works for now. ----------------------------------- from here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/312582-amd-polaris-ids-on-sierra-high-sierra/page-19 I tried to install 7770 and RX460 ... just keep rebooting... sad
  2. I try to install 10.12.5 on the system, but fail, don't know why, can boot into system only 20% percent, and load video driver less then 10 times during my more than 100 booting. But with same config.plist (Clover), 10.13 works like charm, not even once fail to boot into system, quite unbelievable. still can't fix the video driver, working on it. And NVMe seems is natively supported, I can format it, and treats as a external device. Ethernet can't load, but my wifi card BCM94360CD is well supported, that's all for now, keep update. My hardware is ASUS X99-A II E5 2696 v3 with HT disabled MSI Nvidia GTX960 Micron DDR4 16GB*4 Intel SSD 540s 480GB Intel NVMe 600p 512GB BCM94360CD
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    [GUIDE] OS X Lion on ThinkPad W520

    I have successfully made my W520 works like a charm with HD3000 under 10.10.5, thanks everyone this forum! Still little problem, I can't fix Nvidia 2000m, when I adapt every fix/patch and update the bios setting, and boot into 10.10, it' black screen. My W520 still works, I can login by teamviewer, and do some modifies, change edid, change DSDT (it should work already, cause I use gothic860's version), modify AppleGraphicsPowerManagement.kext (and update permission). I will try NVCAP later, to see if it works.
  4. Hi, Recently with many search, I successfully install 10.10 under my T430s i7 3520m Ram 16GB Intel 535 256GB SSD Nvidia + Intel 4000 Video The only problem left is I can't adjust monitor's brightness, which is too bright, I can't read it for long time. Still no sound, but it's not a big problem to me, since I use this T430s as develop machine. I read much, I saw I need to patch my DSDT, but when I went to https://github.com/RehabMan/Laptop-DSDT-Patch , I really can't find the one relate to LCD brightness, also I saw I may need to install a kext to control brightness. I include my DSDT and SSDT, want to get help from you guys, really thanks for this forum, helps lots to build a Hackintosh! dsdt&ssdt.zip