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  1. thejekocomputer

    [Completed Build] Deep Thought

    You get my vote for MacMod of the YEAR!
  2. thejekocomputer

    [RM + SPED] Smembro PC Sandy Bridge

    Caro Giacomo, una sola parola: SPETTACOLO! Il masterizzatore è arrivato, impacchettato a dovere, tenuto molto bene e la spedizione velocissima. Per cui, come un bambino, aspetterò l'arrivo della sera per montarlo nel mio bel server, per poi (finalmente) poter rippare un po' di blu-ray che non aspettano altro. Buona giornata e grazie mille Sergio
  3. thejekocomputer

    [RM + SPED] Smembro PC Sandy Bridge

    in coda per il masterizzatore con spedizione a Milano e pagamento paypal; se tocca a me mandami PM che ti pago con paypal anche subito. Buona giornata Sergio
  4. Dear Mammoth, thank you for your answer that is really complete and question free. Now is time to work on my new project! I'm happy like a kid... I wish you all the best. Sergio
  5. CJP2, I have my HDs connected to the cards and the MB sata ports to make a single volume as a type of raid 10. I don't know if this card is port multiplier as I'm using a single drive for every sata port, but I am a newbie and if I can make some test (non destructive, I'm using this volume for my music and movie) please feel free to teach me What I have to do. I'm quite comfortable with terminal.
  6. Dear Hexidecimal, I'm using a couple of this card in a GA-P35-DS3P because I have 8 HD in software raid (4 X 1+1 1TB HD in Raid 0 and all of them joined in a raid 1 to make one 4TB hd that is my share hd) and one for OSX (lion 10.7.2) and everything work out of the box. ciao Sergio
  7. Dear Mammoth, thank you for sharing your solution with us. I'm planning to build a server OSX Lion based with 8 HD in raid 5 (or 6) for media and one or two HD for the OS (Lion + Linux). Do you think your solution is valid for the Rocketraid 2720 also or I have to modify the info.plist in the driver as you describe above. If this is my case, where I can find the documentation to discovery the right PNPID for my card. Thank you in advance for your support. Sergio
  8. thejekocomputer

    [GUIDE] A fast and easy way to install Lion

    Dear Tseug, thank you for your support, I use this guide to start lion on my GA-P35-DS3P Rev1.1 Motherboard, q6600 and Asus HD5670 and everything went perfect. Now I need some tips: 1 How can I use all 8 internal sata port, I mean I've try to connect HD an the purple sata port but without success 2 I need use a pci card wit 3 sata port, with the cipset VIA, can you suggest me the right kext to use 3 when you tell us "Note that the current version uses a Chameleon with the so called Facetime and iCloud fix which is reported to cause trouble for RAID installs" you mean hardware raid or also the software raid? Thank you in advance Sergio Nada