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  1. How to squeeze Leopard to a SL-DVD

    Anybody? I think mine is going on a half hour now... should I give up, or let it keep going? (It's at the part where you'd be at the grey Apple logo with the spinny thing. I started it up with cmd-V, so it's showing me the console... the last messages are something to do with Bluetooth, though they don't look like error messages.)
  2. How to squeeze Leopard to a SL-DVD

    Can anyone tell me if this is still true as of the GM? I tried this and I thought the system was hanging, but maybe it was just taking a long time. (I doubt I waited more than 15 minutes.)
  3. Finished downloading it from Usenet!! :D There was no 9A599. That was just a result of people misreading/typoing 9A559. 9A581 is the latest build known to exist.
  4. Careful. Linking directly to torrents is against the rules. (Try clicking the "Rules" link conveniently provided at the top of every page. )
  5. This looks real, but the guy's not seeding it.
  6. I use NewsRazor. It gives you unlimited bandwidth for $15 a month; very nice indeed. I, for one, ordered it the moment it was available. I'm just impatient. (3 MORE DAYS? GAAAAH)
  7. Do you have the mainline BitTorrent distribution? (If not, of course, you can just download it, since it's written in Python and thus doesn't need to be compiled.) It comes with a script called "maketorrent-console", I believe it's called. ETA: I think in other versions (or other distributions? I don't know) it's called btmakemetafile. Try both.
  8. Cool. But do you have any way of verifying that it's not, for instance, an older build with the /System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion.plist edited?
  9. Rathalos good sir, I think you are misunderstanding what Rpim did. Unless I'm mistaken, he did not spread a fake copy of the GM. Rather, he made a post suggesting that he did, linking to a blog that actually said he was kidding. ANYWAY. Anyone want to post this on Usenet? As people were saying, and so forth. Faster and freer and all that. Or... anyone want to give me an invite to TL out of the goodness of their soul?
  10. At this point, is it possible to run OS X within Parallels Desktop or VMWare Fusion in OS X on a real Mac? Any tutorials or hacks available?