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  1. WooHoo. Back on the air with the EEEOSX box!
  2. Sorry to be a pain in the backside, but was your '10.6.3 files are here' quote supposed to contain a hyperlink to them? (it doesn't) and I have searched the site for a modded BIOS & fix files but can't find them. Basically at the moment I can boot from the original OSX files I saved to an SD card and install OSX OK. However, I still need the SD Card containing and bootloader & original install files to boot. I cannot change to the EEEBOX's HD, and when I install ANY combo past 10.6.3, I can no longer boot the HD from the original SD card either. I have updated my BIOS to the latest ASUS release but I am unsure if the Chamelion boot loader was integrated into the original modded BIOS or if it's on my source install SD card (because when I press F8, chamelion still appears as a bootloader). Can someone please explain if the bootloader is installed as part of the modded BIOS or if it's in the bootsector of my HD, because I have nuked my HD completely using GDisk with the /MBR switch and killed all original boot partitions. I can only assume it's a bios thing or my SD card has a Chamelion boot sector. Either way, I don't remember what I did originally because it was early 2010, but I seem to remember I didn't have to do much modding other than the BIOS to get everything going. If I had the source files mentioned at the start of this tutorial (eg. B202-1204-OSX-V5.zip & EeeBox_B202_10.6.5.zip), I'm sure it would be easy enough to resurrect ;-)
  3. Hey Guys, I too have had issues downloading the EEEBOX B202 build files for OSX 10.6.5 (from links provided in the first page of this thread) but I am also keen to get it up to 10.6.8 if possible. Unfortunately I did the unthinkable on my 10.6.2 build and ran software update without first backing up the OS. Now I can't revert and my BIOS/Bootloader is useless without using the original OSX install files as well. Anychance someone can help out (PM if public isn't preferred)? I'm pretty newb so the preferred method would be as per the original instructions in this thread provided the 10.6.5 files are available. Thanks in advance!