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  1. Just a fast report.I did fresh install, modified all the kexts, installed gfx strings again, but no luck.Card is running the same as before.I can't think of anything else.Except those bad results on benchmark, card is working ok.Hardware acceleration, games, applications.Just not as fast as it should be.At least I think it should be faster.Never mind.I have no time to experiment further.I am travelling tomorrow, so I will deal with the card after I come back.Then I will try to drop in some borrowed card with same chipset, but other manufacturer, to see is it card issue.Again I repeat that under windows is working normal.I get better FPS in games under windows than many of other similar cards.That would say or drivers under OS X have problem, or there is some other kind of incompatibility between mobo and card (or OS X and card).Maybe it has to do because my card is PCIx 2.0 compatible? it should not be a problem, since Gigabyte sais it's backward compatible...
  2. Ofcourse, you could just answer my question, but never mind.You decided to write a tutorial I am finishing now installation, as I was out of home 'till now, so will be back with news...
  3. @agrafuese , No, I didn't modify info.plist files.I tried now but I forgot to modify Geforce.kext and screwed my installation.So, I am reinstalling right now and then I will try again.Can you explain which exactly kexts should be modified and how do we put device id inside.I mean, I know all the procedure, but I want to know in which order you are putting device id. The files I have to modify are NVDAResman.kext, Geforce.kext and NVDANV50Hal.kext , right? Now, my device id iz 0x0611 and revision ID is 0x00a2.Should I put in info.plist in order : 0x061100a2 or 0x00a20611 ? long time ago I had an issue with reversed ID and rev. number, that's why I ask.But back then, it was other vga card... But It's just a thought, how everything was working without modifying those plists? I mean, I had 3D acceleration, and everything was functioning?
  4. @Agrafuese , I don't touch anything else except CPU and PCI Express FSB when overclocking.Then setting is 333 x 9 for CPU and 107MHz PCI Express FSB. When everything is default, then I return CPU speed to default (266 x 9) and PCI express FSB to 100MHz. I see that my card is not performing as well as it should, so, here are my full specs: Mobo : Gigabyte G33M-DS2R CPU : Core2Duo E6600 (2.4GHz default) GPU : Gigabyte GV-NX88T512HP (8800GT/512MB , turboforce edition, factory oc'ed) RAM : 2 x 1GB Supertalent 667MHz DDR2 (dualchannel) PSU : Chieftec 550W with active PFC HDD's : 1 x 500GB, 1 x 320GB , 1 x 250GB , all Seagate, SATA DVDRW: NEC 7170S (SATA, not PATA) and ofcourse, Kalyway Leopard 10.5.2 (with GFX strings just for GPU) In windows card is performing better than most of similar cards, so I exclude possibility od problematic card.Also I don't think CPU is bottleneck, nor any component of the system.I say, meybe I could take 800MHz DDR2, but that is certainly not reason why card is performing worst than it should.
  5. Oh man, you are torturing me! OK, here are results after I played some time with bios settings and so.... FIRST picture is WITH benchmark on, and PCI Express frequency of standard 100MHz.Second one is also WITH benchmark on, but with PCI Express freq set to 107MHz.As you can see it makes quite a difference.In both cases CPU was clocked to 3GHz.
  6. You seem to me like some kind of philosopher.... btw, I don't remember seeing any of benchmark of YOUR system So, look once more if you wish.First one is normal, NON-overclocked.Second one is OVERCLOCKED, 3.2GHz, CPU Voltage 1.3625 V, PCI Express frequency 105MHz. Whatever.I can pump those benchmarks as you like, but I still don't see any REAL improvement.So, I am starting to think that you are payed by some 8800GT dealer to make commercial for good OS X cards Just joking of course, but I don't see some TERRIBLE difference with that NV thing on.... As Agrafuese said, last test depends alot from CPU, and here is proof:
  7. MY OC'ed have 153, and non-overclocked 129 :censored2: However, the card is more slow than the old one and I can see it.I can see it on playing games.I guess that I will just wait to get some better drivers from Apple.Since they let go 8800GT for Mac Pro, they will probably work now on drivers in the future...
  8. So, I made two tests.Someone said maybe the CPU is bottleneck, so I oc-ed to 3GHz and made tests.Then I returned to default speed (2.4GHz) and made test again.Seems there's no significant difference... OK, so here they are.First picture is with overclocked system, and second default speed...
  9. Ok, here it is.Full screen, with default number of triangles (1152).But this benchmark is not very reliable.It's changing speed as you open some window or do anything (eg move mouse).... But however, here it is...
  10. Yes, CoD 2 IS BUGGY, but it was working fine with ATI card.Colin mcRae Rally is working ok, but again I can see that it has no framerate as it had with old card.WoW I am not playing, so I can't say anything.Do we know for some good benchmark for Mac ? I still have old card, I will just make an experiment.I will install on external HDD Leopard with ATI drivers, and pop-in my old card to see the difference.Then we can speak. Don't get me wrong.I had X1800GTO, then I gave 200 euro for new card, which is suppose to be at least 200% faster than the old one, and finally I dont see any improvement.It's killing me.... Interesting! My card was recognized automatically.I did no corrections to VRAM size...
  11. OMG, noone is LISTENING to what I am saying.I said about three times that I get WORSE performanse from 8800GT than from X1800GTO!!! I don't care about Xbench, I say what I see generally.I sticked to one game, but the rest too is not playing very well.Sims 2 should work flawlessly now, but they are choppy worst than before! CoD 2 too! Colin mcRae Rally is so-so, but it was BLASTING with old card... I could say that plenty of games and apps are not any faster, even worst than before.THAT is my problem, not the Xbench results.... After all, anyone could make better results.I just OC-ed my E6600 to 3GHz, raised PCI Express fsb to 110, and got result of Xbench over 250! But again those games I just said, and I am taking for reference, are playing the same.This will say that bottleneck is not the processor, it's something else that it is braking the system.But I don't know what....
  12. I would like you to write your specs of the machine.Only thing which could have ANY problem are BIOS settings, but old card was working with exactly the same settings.As I said, I didnt add anything else.Took out one card, popped in the other.Generally performance is good, but as I said, before CoD worked well, now it's all....well it is not good.I found somewhere that I shout put vsync on in game settings, but it was just a bit better.However, I repeat, old card was way better working in same system. So, make one screenshot of your bencmark, that we could compare...
  13. @verendus , I have Gigabyte 8800GT, turboforce edition (the one with Zalman cooler).It is factory OC-ed that's probably why I have a bit better results than others. But you ARE RIGHT.That card is great in some Windows environment, but under OS X is worst than my old card. Believe me, I had Sapphire X1800GTO which was better performer than 8800GT.I believe too it's due to poor support. Maybe in future we will be able to take something more out of this card, but for now it's good as it is. @cuclonefr, You made your point with xbench man, we heard it all.If 8800GT is so well optimized for OS X, could you explain to me why Call of Duty 2 is soooooo crappy now.I had it with all maxed out, at 1680x1050, it was perfectly playing with my old X1800GTO.All I did was to change graphic card, did nothing to the rest of system.Reinstalled Leopard, just to be sure there was nothing to brake of old system.Now CoD 2 has choppy graphics (like it has problem with acceleration), I couldn't fix with anything. Also for example Collin mcRae Rally is not as fast as it was with old card.I have no other explanation except that Leo is still not optimized for 8800 series....
  14. PPZ

    x1800 10.4.8 HELP!

    So try to flash it with other firmware.It will change card's ID and hopefully fix your problem.Strange thing is my Sapphire card have same ID as yours... http://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/index.p...E&memSize=0 From what I see just GeCube BIOS is changing device id, all other are the same.Be carefull about which memory you have on the card, as I see it is for Samsung memories...
  15. PPZ

    x1800 10.4.8 HELP!

    First of all, WHICH card do you have (ID?) My X1800GTO worked in Tiger with Natit Installer v 3.6.In Leopard worked with NatitX1800.kext... But my device id was 7102 if I am not mistaken.....(Sapphire X1800GTO) Maybe it would help if you flash your card with bios from some other in order to change ID?