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  1. Veggfx

    Stuck at spinning slash mark

    Yes, doing a retail install. AHCI mode is set in the BIOS.
  2. No matter what I tried, I can't seem to even get the bootloader to load. Always getting stuck on the spinning slash mark (-). P55 with i5 Mobo, set everything in the BIOS like the guides said. Even tried the USB patch for P55 boards - no chance. I can install Debian and Windows without any problems. Any ideas?
  3. Veggfx

    The week I spent with my Vista PC

    Guess what? I can't wait for my macbook pro... Well done! ~Veg
  4. Extremely detailed storytelling - looking forward to Part II! ~Veg
  5. Just finished installing and removing OS X 10.4.8. GT6800 = Worked out of the box, including quartz extreme, Multiscreen and 1280x1024 resolution ( WoW was working flawlessly!) C-Media onboard sound = Worked out of the box Logitech G15 = Same, worked out of the box VIA VT6105 Rhine III Fast Ethernet Card = Not working, and thus Mac OS X is worthless to me. Prism Wireless Adapter = Out of the box. I guess I'll be waiting for my macbook pro to arrive near winter, though it was a nice thing to have a preview look a mac os x :censored2:.
  6. Glad to hear that it works, but unfortunately I'm currently at work =/. Will try it later .
  7. Thanks, will try later! ~Veg
  8. Thanks, but I do know what the mbr is for - was just curious. Around 500 views and no useful information...
  9. What exactly does the mbr have to do with formating and mounting a drive? Could anyone confirm this? And yes, my IDE-Drives are ATA.
  10. I didn't lost my hope yet... Bump btw, since I can't find anything useful with the search function.
  11. My HDD is set to master My DVD drives are set to slave. ~Veg
  12. Yea, this helps me a lot -.-. Thanks anyway.
  13. Bump.. No, seriously, nobody got this kind of error or are we simply being ignored?
  14. Veggfx

    Help, Partitioning Problem

    You could have just used the fixboot cmd from the recovery console. Will look into this method later, since I also have problems mounting my partition.