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  1. Israel and Palestine

    There's no 'occupation' in the Gaza-strip right now, but the arabs are still attacking Israel from there. The Arabs surrounding Israel see 'the land of Israel' as an 'occupied Palestine', but the truth is that the land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel, and no matter how many suicide-bombers will bomb themselves among Israeli civilians ISRAEL WILL WIN ALL OF THEM, BECAUSE THE ISRAELIS ARE DEFENDING THEIR ONLY HOMELAND, the arabs have 22 countries to go to. Look at the Bible, the holiest book, and see that Israel belongs to the People of Israel - the Jewish People. Even the Koran says it, but for some reason the arabs and others seem to ignore this fact and fight for something they have no right fighting for. The arabs cannot have Israel - it never was and never will be theirs to claim.