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  1. GEEMac

    IPS Driver Error on Forum

    Got the IPS from 11PM EST to roughly 1130PM EST. Wonder if the hosting service is doing a scheduled backup of the server at this time or if it is a shared server, could be a load issue. If the host has a log file in the root, check the times above.
  2. GEEMac

    Newb with Multi-Boot

    Thanks readers, Figured it out by using EasyBCD 2.1. I added a new menu item to the win boot loader and pointed the new item to BOOT. Loads fine. Had to place the AHCI drivers in for all the MS stuff since MS does not install the drivers if you are set up for SATA(IDE). Made a change to the registry, rebooted and now everything boots fine. Now to get the audio from coming up slowly and get the Nvidia 8600GT card to be recognized and I should be all set. Great forum. Just sorry folks are so burned out on questions like mine.
  3. Hello, Here is what I have on my system so far. Win7 Ultra x64, Win7 Ultra x32, Vista Ultra x32, XP Pro, and lastly Ubuntu 10x. Yep 5 Op systems. Reason, I beta test and offer support for a specific software package. It helps having the OS`s bundled on one system. At this time they all can boot from the standard Win boot menu. I just installed the iATKOS S_S3_v2 Leopard. The install went smooth on the drive containing a small windows partition for a Scratch/Pagefile and the second partition for the Leopard install with 90 Gig of space. I probably screwed up the install since there is no boot to the install. The Windows boot menu is still fine, but of course, no Mac. Is there something that I can install that would add the Leopard install to the menu or is there a way to add the windows boots to the Chameleon boot? I am trying to stay away from adding the install to HD0 (win7 x64) Been there and screwed that up. All fresh OS installs now. Thank you in advance... P.S. If there is a thread that covers the above, I will follow that for the sake of anyone repeating the procedure.