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  1. Attached clover folder so you have a look CLOVER.7z
  2. Nothing, I have tried 1 and 2 with the same result. Will it have something to do with the voltage of the ram?
  3. nVidia GPUs and the infamous lag issue, Why is that happening?

    sleep / wake up going well with AMD?
  4. What should I select: yes or 1 or 2?
  5. Your SSDT if it worked to recognize USB ports. The problem when going to sleep / wake up, external devices do not mount them except keyboard and mouse BTH. I currently use F7 BIOS in Z270 gaming k3. If XMP is disable the external USB devices are mounted.
  6. nothing, your SSDT has not worked. I think the problem is in BIOS. Any suggestion is welcome
  7. Okay. You could attach your SSDT to have a look, Maybe my problem is solved. With flag, when going to sleep ejects USB, wake up USB is mounted again. the message persists "Disk not ejected properly" Thank you for your attention I feel my bad English, Google is responsible
  8. Your great effort is appreciated. Congratulations and thanks for your intentions to improve. I feel my bad English. Google is responsible
  9. NO, I have done everything through DSDT. and I use XHCI-200-series-injector.kext for USB 3.1
  10. Thanks Cyberdebs, but usb still expelled. The problem has not been resolved
  11. That should put it in config Boot / Custom flags?
  12. USB drives ejected during sleep ONLY when XMP Profile1 is enabled in BIOS. PC wake up, but USB ejected. I appreciate your help.
  13. ESP Mounter Pro

  14. Show-Hide