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  1. try in bios: disable onboard and boot with your GPU as primary, then install drivers if appropriate.
  2. camillionario

    Safari y AppStore congelan completamente Hack

    prueba arrancar con esta: CLOVER.7z Asumo que tendras un pendrive para arrancar tu SO por si falla el arranque con el disco. De no ser asi te recomiendo crear tu USB por si las moscas. Suerte
  3. camillionario

    Safari y AppStore congelan completamente Hack

    Comparte tu carpeta de EFI/clover para tener una idea de los que estas haciendo y asi poder ayudarte. Recuerda, en este foro no se te podria ayudar si utilizas las herramientas de choni-mac. (si a eso te refieres con lo de "esa app")
  4. Cuda I do not use it, so I do not know.
  5. I can confirm Driver 108 works with security update 2018-003
  6. camillionario

    iMessage without worries...how?

    test with your real system data, restart and see if they are persistent. Then you should delete the devices that appear in your Apple account. You could generate your own config.plist, following this. Remember that your network parameters should look like in the image, Ethernet En0 ,,, blah blah luck
  7. camillionario

    iMessage without worries...how?

    I just reinstalled from mojave to High Sierra and everything remains the same. Some data could be giving you problems with the activation of IM / FT. Have you checked that your data is persistent after the restart of your system? Could you share your SMbios to have a look?
  8. camillionario

    iMessage without worries...how?

    First you should enter your Apple account and see the devices that are registered, if you are not using them you should delete them. https://appleid.apple.com/#!&page=signin In my case I have these and all are active FT / IM ok. You could also reset your password, this could help remove blockages from Apple for your account. Then start a clean installation of the OS with a new profile SMbios (ROM, MLB, smUUID and Custom UUID). Do not forget to check your serial number with the apple servers. Following these steps I have been successful in installations and reinstallations of the Apple OS. If you wish I could build a SMbios for you, I would only add the configuration that corresponds to your Hardware.
  9. camillionario

    iMessage without worries...how?

    Try this https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/946-imessage-fixer/
  10. camillionario

    iMessage without worries...how?

    my laptop and desk (2) work well so far. It is important that MLB, ROM and smUUid persist on each boot so that iM and Facetime are not deactivated.
  11. camillionario

    Placa H81M-S1 sin conector DVI y HDMI

    Sigue este enlace https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/306429-guide-msi-h81m-motherboards-basics-of-a-computer-build-budget-hackintosh-builds-uefi-dualboot-os-x-el-capitan-wip/ Suerte
  12. camillionario


    En mi caso no utilizo SSDT porque tenia problemas de lecturas erroneas en los dispositivos conectados, asi que solamente utilizo USBInjectall.kext y no he tenido problemas con utilizar ningun parche de limitacion de puertos ni de propiedades Electricas con mis dispositivos USB. La solucion ha sido editar el info.plist de USBinjectall.kext, y solamente dejar los puertos que utilizo para evitar el limite de puertos y tambien las propiedades electricas. plist editado: Propiedades Electricas del Dispositivo:
  13. camillionario

    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    Should I use one or some kexts in particular or just detect them and can we see them in HWmonitor? Thank you.
  14. Esta actualizacion no es compatible con los drivers 387. por lo que habra que modificar el info.plist de NvidiaStartupWeb.kext o instalar los controladores que aparecen en la imagen. En mi caso la actualizacion la he instalado de forma nativa y sin problemas.
  15. Effectively!! I just updated and it works . and Nvidia continue on vacation.