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  1. Any Core 2 users out there?

    Yosemite installed and running great... With some exceptions: I could not get audio with provided link. I installed with kext utility and then kext wizard to no avail, fixed permissions and rebuilt cache. Used HDAEnabler 5 for my ALC662 codec and the provided AppleHDA Kext. Voodoo seems to be the only thing that works. Also, I am able to login to iCloud and sync most of my stuff, but iMessage prompts me to call customer support with a generated code to activate it. Lastly, sleep still seems to freeze after wake-up. I extracted my dsdt in Mavericks and the utility automatically patched it for me. BTW thanks for your help, I really appreciate you and the level of support from this community. Can't get that anywhere else.
  2. Any Core 2 users out there?

    I have a 32 GB flash drive that I manually restored Yosemite Public Beta to via disk utility, lol too bad I didn't know about this! My complete spec's as follows: C2Q Q6600 OC'd 2.9GHz ECS G31T-M Mobo 4GB Wintec Ram HIS Radeon HD 4670 1GB GDDR3
  3. Need some guidance as to what common fixes should be selected in the Clover Configurator... G31 chipset, Core 2 Quad... Currently running Mavericks+Chameleon, but will be upgrading to Yosemite (tested the waters on my Core i5, me likey) lol.. This time around I've ditched chameleon and so far I love it, but now trying to apply this update to my older Core 2 Quad... A quick look in the /Extra folder shows me I'm using: AHCI 3RD PARTY SATA.KEXT EVOREBOOT.KEXT FAKESMC.KEXT JMICRON36XATA.KEXT LEGACYAPPLERTC.KEXT NULLCPUPOWERMANAGEMENT.KEXT Also, the boot.plist shows I'm using: EthernetBuiltIn=Yes GraphicsEnabler=No IGPEnabler=Yes UseKernalCache=Yes ____ So, how do I implement these or do I even need these to switch to clover?
  4. Okay, thanks. I have found the code that removes the CPU alias and have removed it from the patch. I just need to apply it to the extracted DSDT next time I'm in Windows. Also, I found I don't need bus ratio to boot at all, neither do I need CPUS=1. I am currently not using any kernal flags other than graphics enabler and it can boot. Though I am still on the old DSDT so once I get a chance I'll swap it out. Like you said, the modified bios was just an applied DSDT patch, so everything is working as it did. At least I am on OS X ML, beats Windows 8 any day. Thanks again, I'll keep you updated.
  5. Okay I enabled those settings in the bios, and I booted into Windows and was going to extract my DSDT, but I don't know what patches to use? I know I can use the ALC662 patch, and there was a patch someone made for the G31T-M board but it removes the alias from the CPU and you say that I shouldn't need it with modern OS X and Chimera. I also see that I previously patched my board for DTGP and HDEF. What else should I patch it for? Ohh, and I found out that my busratio is 9, so I rebooted with 9 and it still worked. I shouldn't need to boot with busratio though, its really only for Core i cpus, so I wonder what is causing me to have to boot with it. My board is G31 and ICH7 with GMA 3100 and ALC662 and RTL8101E. I found the following patches, LPC ICH7 and ALC662 included with the DSDTEditor I downloaded. I have an external GPU and my I don't think I need the a patch for the internet, since it works OOB. What patch will make it sleep however?
  6. I'm not sure, my DSDT was patched for sleep but it freezes on wake still, but I ran the command in the terminal and I saw both com.apple.driver.AppleHPET and com.apple.driver.AppleLPC listed in the text file. Do you mean intel EIST/Speedstep? I believe I have shut that off in the BIOS.
  7. So I just flashed to the latest bios of ECS, I can now use my Core 2 Duo again so I swapped it back into my rig, but I still can't boot OS X without the CPUS=1 flag. Right now I'm in Mountain Lion with one core lol, runs okay, faster than my iBook. What change do I have to make in my DSDT? Is it even loaded? I thought I patched it! EDIT I ran Darwin Dumper and checked my DSDT, and I see that the alias is removed so therefore I shouldn't need CPUS=1, but I can't boot without it. Heres what it looks like Scope (_PR) { Processor (P001, 0x01, 0x00000810, 0x06) {} Processor (P002, 0x02, 0x00000000, 0x00) {} Processor (P003, 0x03, 0x00000000, 0x00) {} Processor (P004, 0x04, 0x00000000, 0x00) {} } EDIT 2 I saw someone else's post where they suggested using Busratio=23, and so I did and I got to the grey apple screen, then a kernel panic. So I turned my machine off, flipped the PSU switch to off, then on, then off again and pushed the power button to run all the power out of the motherboard, then back to on position, started up with Busratio=23 and this time it worked, Im booted in with both cores. Is there a more permanent solution to this?
  8. Thanks, I will give it a try. I was under the impression that my board needed to be patched (OS X Leopard required CPUS=1 flag at boot), is this issue addressed in the later BIOS revisions/OS X Mountain Lion? Yes, I have already created a DSDT a while back with all the suggested fixes for my G31T-M so I think I am all set with that, so then I'd just flash to the newest Bios from ECS and since I already have my DSDT it should boot fine and no modified bios is needed? BTW, I really appreciate your help guys. I wasn't sure if anyone posted here anymore since other forums came out, but I see that this forum is just as alive. I love this community. Thanks so much!
  9. Ahhhhh!!! I literally took a mallet to the old one when it wouldn't post anymore, and threw it out over a week ago! FML. Well, I know better now, thanks.. Do you know of any databases for os x modified bioses? I found a couple of links but they were dead. Anyone have an updated bios from atleast 2009? I just need it to support my Core 2 Duo E8400. I'll do it myself, is there a guide?!?!
  10. I replaced my ECS G31T-M with the same board. The old system I patched a few years back to run OS X. I've been running Mountain Lion flawlessly on this board, problem is the board died and so I bought another off ebay. Now I can't find the bios I flashed it with. I found one for the G31T-M but it is dated 2007 and doesn't support my E8400. The one I had was dated 2009. All links on the HCL lists seem to be dead. Could someone help please!
  11. ECS G31T-M Lion WORKS!

    I'm happy to announce that I (successfully) managed to Install Lion on one of the least favorite boards for the Hackintosh community. Here I have an ECS Elitegroup G31T-M, flashed (you can find the file on 10.5.6 HCL page) with a Pentium Dual-Core E5200 (Stock 2.5 GHz) OC'd to a whopping 3.71 GHz running smooth and stable, no kernel panics. I also have it paired with an HIS Radeon HD 4670 (Yet another Hackintosh least favorite) working to its full capacity, including FULL QE/CI and 4GB of Ram. My install method was Niresh12495-Lion (Google it). Its basically an unmodified Lion (as it can be used on macs too) with a few tools to get it onto a usb thumb drive, a custom boot loader by chameleon and some fixed kexts should you need them. It's pure vanilla and I can confirm, software updatable. So here's a few tips should you go ahead and do this (Which I recommend). The boot loader theme it comes with is really nice, however Niresh added a picture of himself to selection screen, so after you make the drive bootable you'll want to go into the /Extra/Themes folder of the Restore drive you just created and change the "background.png" with something you like. I personally got an un-modified version of the one that Niresh put his picture on. The HIS Radeon HD 4670 works perfectly with Snow Leopard after updating to 10.6.8, but in Lion it requires a DVI to VGA adapter to be plugged in ALONG with 4670's VGA port. Therefore, just plug in an adapter to the DVI port and then Plug your monitors VGA into the GPU's VGA port. This went away with the 10.7.1 update, however so you should only have to do this post installation until you can update. You can also use the On Board GMA 3100 (Which I did, then after Installation put my card in). Okay, so now lets prepare the install. What I did was restore the Niresh ISO to a Restore partition I created (10GB to be safe). I ran the chameleon pkg inside the USB Installation folder and then swapped out the boot and the org.chameleon.boot.plist files. Now the installation should boot with no problem. Now you just reboot and you should be brought to a selection screen, select the Niresh12495 (or what ever you renamed it, in my case i renamed it Restore). Here's some fixes: Ethernet, unlike snow leopard, does NOT work out of the box and neither does sound. But Luckily, Realtek has released kexts for mac. You'll want the OS X drivers for Realtek 8101E so go here and just scroll all the way down until you see their OS X download Links. NOTE: After Installing the Ethernet drivers, AppStore still won't work, It returns an error that computer or device is not "valid". To fix this I followed someones pretty quick, simple guid. Here's the post. For Sound you need ALC662 which can be Downloaded here, they're for GA-945GCM-S2L (It will still work for our ECS G31T-M) Double-Click and Install "Azalia 12.0.5" Only. Now the only thing that doesn't work on our Hackintosh is the sleep functionality. Otherwise I have the ability to do way more on this "Mac" than on my legit eMac. Hope this works for you! Good Luck!