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  1. I found it out myself. I had to remove the AppleNForceATA kext out of my extension folder. So everything's okay now. Next thing I have to do is getting another graphics card. Turns out the Radeon 9200 isn't supported by any distro. I can get my hands on a GeForce 6200LE. Is that a nice choice?
  2. Heya! I'm a true n00b when it comes to OSX86, at least that's what I've found out, but I did manage to install Kalyway 5.2 onto my old AMD PC. Everything works nicely, even the sound. Everything, except for the USB. The USB does work, and it does recognize devices, BUT it doesn't mount them or actually reads them. And I know what the problem is. It appears Kalyway's System.kext is 9.2.2, while my kernel is 9.2.0. The fix for this is pretty easy: Replace the System.kext with the 9.2.0 and set permissions... Yeah, that should work. But it doesn't, it only makes it worse. It causes a kernel trap at boot because of my mainboard, which is an nForce 3-A. The reason I chose Kalyway is because it was the ONLY one that worked with my computer, the others caused the same kernel trap before the installer could even pop up. Is there another way to fix this? Thanks! EvoStorm
  3. Hmm, iDeneb 1.4 is a bit old for your PC anyway, I recommend downloading and using 1.6, or try out iATKOS.