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  1. @Mysticus Thank you for the help you've given over the past couple months. Without you, I would have given up on OSX a while ago... kinda. I give up on it a few times a month I probably should have saved a lot of time and effort by just buying a compatible motherboard, but that wouldn't have been as fun. Just wanted to let you know that I ditched my.... -Netgear WG111v2 -Broadcom WiFi -PCI Realtek NIC in favor for an Apple USB Ethernet Adapter, which has worked perfectly since I've bought it. I can use internet as much as I want, with both cores active, with 0 drops or freezing. I now have Leopard 10.5.2 working 100%. I could upgrade to 10.5.3 I guess, but I don't really see any need to. 10.5.4 just came out, but I probably won't go for that either
  2. The answer might be in this thread somewhere, and I'm sure this has been asked. I don't want to look through the 75 pages of this, though. I have problems with the internet, how the network drops. I tried using an old PCI ethernet adapter but unforunately it was the rtl 8139 chipset. My question is: would buying the Apple USB Ethernet Adapter work? Anyone tested it and found out if it the network drops / computer freezes?
  3. Leo freezes randomly during session

    I'm pretty sure it's a problem with the nForce chipset us we have, related to the network. Does the system hang after/during heavy internet usage? quote from this post You can either get one of those wireless cards, or do what I just did today. I found a spare PCI ethernet adapter [onboard nForce ethernet does not work either], and bought a Netgear Wireless Print Server, which is basically a 4 port wireless ethernet bridge. Internet goes from router to Netgear bridge to ethernet to computer. Works fine so far, I haven't had any crashes.
  4. Your Collection of OSx86 DVDs and CDs

    My humble stash... iAtkos 1.0ir3 - using, stable, perfect. iAtkos 1.0ir2 - endless welcome screen cycle Kalyway 10.5.1 - something wrong I can't recall Kalyway 10.4.10 - " " JaS 10.4.8 - My first stable, usable OSX Uphuck 10.4.9 v1.3 10.4.3 build 8F1111A. was this JaS? - my first taste of OSx86 Uphuck 10.4.9 1.4i v3
  5. the drivers rendered Leopard useless in normal mode, and not too great in safe mode. Normal mode goes into blank screen; monitor is on, though. Safe mode gives lots of screen artifacts all over. Weird. Would it have been a bad idea to install the new drivers on top of the drivers from your graphics update package?
  6. driver for something like my Broadcom chipset/most other network cards? ill get on that and test it out.
  7. argh ok just thought it was worth an try. I'm probably going to end up getting a Linksys or D-Link wireless ethernet adapter and use it with a spare PCI ethernet card. Tried the PCI card with a really long ethernet cord from router to computer, and it seems stable.
  8. I've sorta asked help on this earlier but I didn't entirely follow up on it. The pages on this topic seem to add on every day heh. I'm having problems with the network. Is there anything wrong with a Broadcom wireless chipset? My card is a PCI Buffalo with Broadcom chipset. BCM4318. It's not mentioned in your first post, as far as I can tell, yet it still gets the network freezes and all that fun stuff. edit: {censored} I just saw your above post, and that probably means anything besides the linksys and netgear usb sticks don't work? I have a spare WG111v2, and most places I look, I think it has the same RTL8187 chipset. Yet, I cannot get it to work by installing the drivers in your update package. just a stretch, hoping to see if the card i already have might work Any help is appreciated.
  9. Graffiti

    I wasn't trying to turn it against you at all. It was more of a playful tone. Don't worry about it. I'm generally just considering the US, because that's the only place I've lived and experienced. Naive or not, sorry. So anyway, we're pretty much on the same page on this issue.
  10. My network card is a Buffalo PCI wifi card with a Broadcom chipset. I have the onboard Ethernet disabled b/c I don't use it. My main hard drive is IDE, but I'm also using 2 SATA drives. If I disconnect my SATA drives, do you think that would make any difference? I'll give it a shot anyway. I didn't select the new nforce driver. Should I have? Or is it better that I didn't. On second thought, I'm pretty sure it might only just be a problem with Azureus, and I was just coincidentally doing lots of HD usage at the same time.... sorry about that. All the same, it still freezes up in that case.
  11. After installing the newest update, the computer doesn't seem to be very stable anymore. During heavy usage, such as copying over GB's of files, and even using Azureus, the computer locks up for the most part. The mouse cursor moves very fast across the screen for a few seconds, and then after that I lose almost all control of the computer. Everything else appears to be normal. Things go on the screen as normal, aka copying files goes on, and downloads continue, but at a laggier rate. I reinstalled Leopard twice and it still has the problem. Anyone else experience this? Would there be a reason for this?
  12. Graffiti

    Alright alright. I wasn't having a really good day yesterday so small things really pissed me off. To make things more or less clear, I meant that... the majority of minorities are the ones who will be doing graffiti. That's a generalization. I also don't think all graffiti is bad. I do like the stuff that does actually look good and artistic. For the ones that just scrawl a gang name on a wall or some words into a seat, I don't like that. I also believe it's wrong to do stuff like that to other peoples' property. The phrase live and let live can only go a certain distance before it can be taken out of hand. I don't know what I was trying to say with the school {censored} and etc etc. They can do whatever they want with their lives. and I'm technically a minority too. Mexican ftw. except only half ;[ I wasn't really being racist, but making a generalization like above. Most of the people doing graffiti are part of the minority. Am I wrong?
  13. Graffiti

    I don't believe that all graffiti is bad. But the majority is. If it were purely an art form, done in a place meant for it, I would agree with it, but then that totally kills the entire idea of graffiti in the first place. I believe the people that tag places use their problems as their excuse to do it. They express their problems through graffiti. That's what I get from Soundless at least. If they really want to be different, I believe they should break away from the gangs and from the graffiti and do something real with their life. It's nearly impossible, though, because of the situation most of them are in. It's hard to say what I'm trying to say, and I keep going onto run-on sentences that don't seem to make much sense.... The majority of the people who do graffiti cannot or will not apply themselves enough to make money as an artist. Making money as an artist is either make or break. It's a ballsy move to base your entire life off of art and expect to be success ul.
  14. Graffiti

    I've read through most of what I could, but 7 pages is a lot and I don't feel like going through it just to make a reply. A lot of it I just couldn't believe that Soundless was serious, and thats why I had to respond. I hate all the {censored} about being expressive and etc. About how the people are being oppressed and they need to do graffiti to express themselves. That is such bull. They need to just suck up their problems and stop using that as their excuse to stuff up. Going around to property that isn't yours, even if the "art" does look good, is just plain out wrong. You don't with other peoples' property. I do like some graffiti, definitely. The ones that look cool etc. But you can't go around to the artists and tell them to make something look good instead of it being trashy gang tags. They will do what they want. There is no discerning between good and bad graffiti. My old school got tagged from a gang every so often, and it was really disgusting. The CA school system already has a :censored2: ed up budget, and having to clean up the graffiti is just wasting money, and it's honestly annoying to have them pressure washing the walls every month. If I had a business that I paid money for, or for that matter any property to own, I would be royally pissed if people vandalized my stuff. It's not theirs to :censored2: with, even if they think they are beautifying it. The part in the first two pages or so, about the trains, and how Soundless believes it's ok because they're expressing themselves. That's just an excuse to :censored2: stuff up. Etching the glass, writing on the benches, destroying the property is not expressing anything. Maybe it's expressing their immaturity, and that they believe they are so oppressed and they need to be felt sorry for. It is not a way to express anything, and it's not art. It's just vandalism. Obviously I don't tag anything and I don't go around doing that stuff. I live in an upper middle class neighborhood. I believe the people who go tagging have nothing better to do in their lives. Generally it's the minorities who are doing the graffiti. Generally, they are going to fail in life. They don't care about school, they don't care about anything except for their expression and freedom and happiness. They have to learn how to suck up their problems and get somewhere in life. People might say that I'm being racist that the minorities are always failing out of school, but it is definitely true. I'm not saying the same for Soundless just because he goes tagging, and I'm not saying that he's a minority. I'm just saying that generally the people who do graffiti are part of the minority. The minority by where I live. Compton is about an hour from me, and the schools their are most definitely not as nice as the schools where I live. The area is filled with tags. In addition, for most of the schools in the area, 80% of the students drop out by senior year in HS. They need to do something with their lives instead of "expressing themselves." The example about Bill Gates making $20 grand by 14 is one of those rare cases where people get lucky. Not everybody will make 20 thousand in high school, and definitely not people who go around tagging and doing nothing else. You don't get money just from being different and being expressive. Soundless, that's too bad that you had to get bored with your money. You were a lot better to the community sitting in front of your screen than "expressing" yourself on business walls. Sorry, I'm sure a lot of this is just a rant, but it's how I feel.