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  1. Not much, but unfortunately you need them to run iWork 09 & iLife09 so far
  2. G4 Cube Harman Kardon speakers on OSx86 rig?

    Both Mac & Vista can detect them (Vista drive them sometimes only), but I can get ~15% of their music power at most. As I said - they are powered by a separate 5V/4A PSU.That`s enough to produce 20W music power. Powered USB hub can give u 500mA per socket only = 5V x 0,5A=2,5W. Apple FAQ & forum - G4 Cube only "period". Wonder what else I can do?
  3. You saved my ol` Audigy Player for a second time Eugene! First time 2y ago, when SB guys were to lazy to make proper drivers for Vista, then now I may update my signature at last! 1.2b1 works out of the box - iTunes, GarageBand, Reason, Logic Pro. 5.1 no problem. VLC plays .ac3 nicely. Just wake up is the small issue, but I can`t use sleep anyway - my second display won`t wake up either. It`s been long way from C-Media, Thrust, ALC882 to SB. Thanks a lot mate!
  4. I had a dream - my USB Harman Kardon Cube M7963 speakers working as loud as from Cube with any of my OSx86 rigs... I know they need some extra kick from PSU - to have their 20W I`ve provided proper 5V/4A PSU http://www.xppower.com/orderPriceList2.php...d=1&lang=EN Still no luck. What else I`m missing that Cube itself can provide?
  5. Will this sound card work with Leopard?

    wish you were here: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=104797
  6. I will. But for now I`ve used my nice copy of working Kalyway10.5.1 partition (thanks to Acronis DD) . Update just killed QE/CI, so, is there any chance to have an "just restore" option in the video section?
  7. MysticusC ur the man! From Kalyway10.5.2 works right from the box! I like ur guide - don`t work too hard - get a bigger hammer Just soon afterwards I`ve blown my system (no worries - got the copy) using ~Neo`s natit installer. Somethin wrong with my searching - spent 4h and can`t find solution - I know, is very close somewhere.. Will u point me (using proper hammer) to the right direction - I wish my Ati Radeon x1800GT QE/CI back.
  8. Acronis Disc Director - works perfect for me. Unfortunately can`t resize HFS+ partitions
  9. Sorry for silly question, but what`s that system changer thing is? Will u point me please? MC "hard way" does not work on my specs cheers
  10. Thx a lot mate - will check it ASAP
  11. OK, I know I`m stupid! But Leo`s Disk Utility shows unallocated space on HD as NTFS 3G partition, so I`ve tried to erase... Now I`ve got whole HD nice & clean (250GB of data on NTFS partition has gone!!) . As long I remember it`s only FAT is erased, so the data can be restored. Will anyone point me to the proper solution, please?
  12. Had the same issue. In my case all i had to do was to uncheck both Vanilla`s and pick MBR. Installed in 27 min, boot in 17s! I`m really impressed! Thx Kalyway & The Band
  13. Does anyone have using the 5.1 External Surround Sound Card SC-5500p (510EX 5.1 Sound Expert External USB)? Have using this card for over 4 months, however after USB problems (solved) output part stopped working - input still works. Card works great at Widows Can anyone help me with this one?
  14. vimicro webcam drivers

    Hi, is there any chance to get the Mikomi M6219 webcam working with Macam? It`s a quite popular webcam in the UK, thx to Argos Macam recognizes as a Rainbow Color webcam 5790P USB camera: Version: 1.01 Bus Power (mA): 500 Speed: Up to 12 Mb/sec Product ID: 0x60fe Vendor ID: 0x0c45
  15. hey, helping hand - where r u?