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  1. Alienware m17xR2

    I am trying to install Snow Leopard on my Alienware m17x R2 laptop, but I've hit a snag. Using the iAtkos 10.6.3 Installation disc, I am able to install using the default options, plus the i7 Evo speedstep, minus the HDAudio. The thing is, I have two Ati Radeon 5870 s in CrossfireX in the computer, and it would be nice if I could get them to be recognized and driven in SL. I searched around and found out that 10.6.5 adds support for the 5000 series ati cards, and so I tried updating to it using a combo updater. Upon restart it hanged at something about the power management timing out. I tried replacing the relevant kexts from another install of 10.6.3 with no luck. I guess I'm just looking for someone who can give me the exact steps for updating iAtkos from 10.6.3 to 10.6.5. I'm not really interested in finding a log of the startup process and diagnosing it, as it's probably just easier to start from scratch. Thanks.
  2. I have a Leopard disc for a mac mini that I want to install on my powerbook g4 1.67ghz. After i select the language, the installer tells me that it can not be installed on "this computer". I know that the installer has some sort of check to verify that it's being installed on a mac mini. I figured that it would be in the Distribution file, in the form of a method. I ripped the disc to a read/write image, and used pacifist to extract the Distribution file. Inside, the are a few hardware checks, but none of them are relevant. In fact, it seems as if the Distribution file is not specific to the mac mini at all. I looked online a bit and found this page here: http://blog.samsite.ca/2007/02/hacking-an-osx-restore-disc/ Seems to me that there is a plist file that is preventing the install. The only problem is, there is no OSInstallCache.plist, as promised by the above linked instructions. What shall I do?
  3. Thanks for the insight (haha puns). I'll take a look myself sometime next week. I'm starting my first year of college majoring in computer engineering this fall, so I'd like to get this project done before then. I agree- the lens being mounted on top of the PCB doesn't make this very easy. Today I am wiring up a connection between the isight PCB and a standard USB male connector to test it. I've already stripped away insolation from the impossibly small wires. Going back to the real issue of space here, I also found this camera on ebay: Perhaps that would give me the option to twist the PCB behind the display. Or maybe the macbook air isight would be even better. Look how thin it is. Surely it could fit, right?
  4. hmmm well that's depressing. I think I'll still take it apart just to be sure. I've attached some pics of the camera in question. I could strip away most of the black lens frame with a dremel to cut down on the size a bit more. You're right about the height of the PCB camera combo- it might be too tall. My real worry is that the LCD screen will take up all of the space up there. Take a look at these pictures anyhow.
  5. Hi everyone! I haven't posted on these forums in quite some time, but now I'm back with a new project! I just bought a PowerBook G4 15" 1.67Ghz notebook off of eBay, and I'm hoping to install the iSight camera from a macbook into its display. I've got all of the information I need from various posts by CharredPC, as far as the pinouts etc of the iSight. So the reason I am posting this is to ask the experts whether or not there is room in the top of the powerbooks display (either to the left or right of the latch) for the camera. I'm afraid that I will find that the LCD screen part takes up all of that space by itself. Does anybody know for sure before I take this thing apart? Thanks.
  6. Little help here?

    Hi. I've recently installed OSX 10.5.6 XxX on my laptop (hp dv4275nr with Pentium M processor), and I was interested in installing the speedstep kext. I'm not exactly sure if it will solve my problem, but my cooling fan runs fast almost constantly under OSX, indicating to me that there is something wrong with the processors management. I downloaded the beta version and installed it with Kexthelper. On reboot, i hit a snag and got the "Press and hold the power button...blah blah", so i removed the kext through single user mode. Everything is fine again now, but what can I do to get Speedstep working correctly? Do I need additional kexts? By the way, I'm using what ever kernel is default on XxX install disc. Thanks.
  7. I have a Pentium M processor, SSE2, currently running Kalyway 10.5.2 with the voodoo kernel. What I want to know is, can I update to 10.5.3 using the method described here safely?: http://news.metaparadigma.de/?p=274 If so, what extensions need to be backed up prior to installation and replaced prior to reboot? Also, Is there an easier way to do this? Perhaps a Kalyway update that is SSE2 specific? Thanks
  8. Thanks i might give that a try some time. Also, can Acronis Disk Suite make an exact copy of my entire HD, because i am planning on upgrading to a faster, larger one. And if i do get a larger one, will the empty space after the old HD Image on the drive be after or before it?
  10. Boinkytwo: When you say: "Try them one after the other" are you saying some may screw up the data? I cant loose this stuff. I need a sure fire way to get this done without issues. If i use something like iPartition to resize the mac partition, will it screw up the windows partition?
  11. I have a hackintosh, HP comp. The HD is 100 GB and partitioned into two 50 GB partitions. One is mac os x 10.4.6, the other Windows XP. I need to make the mac partition smaller, by about a gig, in order to make 1 GB unalloted of HP quickplay. Is there any way to safely resize the mac partition without loosing data from the Windows parition OR Mac partition? Thanks
  12. itunes playback issue

    Itunes video playback is choppy and has not audio. All other video players work fine. The system is quite fast and has a good amount of RAM. How can i resolve this? Thanks and sorry if this is the incorrect place to post this question.
  13. Itunes WideScreen

    The majority of my videos on Itunes are not in widescreen format, however, my laptop is a WideScreen and i would like to watch the videos stretched or zoomed in. How can i do this on itunes? Thanks
  14. Start up

    Hey I have an HP DV4275nr laptop and have OSX 10.4.6 installed perfectly on it. Everything is running smoothly and there are no problems. However, when the computer boots up mac, it shows the black screen that tells you everything the computer is doing, for example mounting the local file system and what not. Is there any way to change this so it shows the mac icon with the swirling circle underneath it instead? I know its a picky request, but please explain. Thanks.
  15. Intel Wireless driver

    Is there any progress with the 2200 driver mem leak bug?