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  1. Hello Jam, I also had problems with my Safari version on Leopard, I upgrade via Apple Update but still dint worked good. It used to crash while loading pages. The advice I can give you is to use Camino web browser, its really stable and its freeware. The appearance is also great, nothing to envy to Safari, after downloading and copying to your dock you can drag it to your Dock and have it like a Native Browser. Hope this Helps! Peace in Christ of Nazareth!
  2. Do you have this Graphic Problem just in MacOs? or it happens the same with your Windows OS? (i am supposing you have both).
  3. GUIDE - Intel DP43TF 10.6.5 how to

    HEY! THIS IS MY FIRST POST!! PEACE IN CHRIST! First of All thank you very much for your post couse this really helped me to make a fresh install of OsX Lion 10.7 after a lot of struggling. I have Leopard running 100% but had problems with Lan, USB, and Wifi on Lion. Now they are running perfectly, only having problems with the shut down. Thank you one more time for the time you took to write this down. I also have a Dp43tw BLESSINGS!