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  1. Samas new image is grate. But can anyone help me get my trackpad working ? The mouse does not move at all
  2. I want to suggest: A: When finished Installing from Sama's Image boot the install disk once more. Go to Utilities and Repair Permissions before testing your newly installed system. B: Get a 2Gb+ MemoryCard for the Eee's Built-in card reader and keep your user folder there (So you can hasve som space for Music, Photos, MailData and Downloads) Instructions: 1: Create new user 2: Copy Userfolder to the SD card 3: Go to Sysprefs-Accounts right click on your user and select advanced 4: Change the field where you put in your user folder location o the user folder on the SD card) C: Install Chameleon
  3. Note: Some 701 Eee's Specifically the 701SD. Have a realteck wireless card. If your Eee is brand new and you think you might have the Realtek wireless card, you can try to search for RTL8187S on ThePi*****Bay for the utility. http://www.gottabemobile.com/2008/12/14/os...i-wind-released This card is not a eee PC 701 standard wireless card. I only know that it comes with the 8GB EeePC701SD version sold in europe (Check the sticker on the bottom). The Realtec Wireless Utility detects networks and connects easily. The App Icon is FUgly tho
  4. About resizing the installer GUI I dont know how to build a install dvd so ill just contribute with what i have found so far. System-wide interface scale factor: http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?sto...060119152725322 Maby this could be done to the installation image System. with ssh or from Terminal "Mac Install OS" Menu Here you can maybe add programs to the installer menu if you want to put ScaleResolution.app there: InstallImage/Volumes/B/System/Installation/CDIS/Mac OS X Installer.app/Contents/Resources/InstallerMenuAdditions.plist Does this file tell you anything Installimage/Library/Preferences/com.apple.windowserver.plist
  5. Does this help: http://eeemac.blogspot.com/2009/03/getting...creen_3818.html Also i like to show you my eeeMac gallery http://ekkert.org/eeemac/Eee/EeeMac.html#0
  6. I get en error. Torrent deleted ? I was so looking forward to be able to install this package.
  7. Thanx for your hard work. I am downloading and will seed from 3 locations when i get one copy down. Too bad i choose'd the slowest connection to dl it from. Plz everyone seed as long as you can or at least to ratio 2.5
  8. Perfect for About this mac or as a spash screen or somthing. Feel free to use it :censored2:
  9. Hi. As this is my first post on the forum i would like to start with thanking the members for there grate work ! Wifi is ok with the Realtek WLAN Client Utility Quartz works fine ==BUT I STILL HAVE NO AUDIO ! I have the eee 701 SD 8GB 900MZH (out of the box). Ive added 2gb ram to it. I have installed the eeeleopardV2 image mentioned here (Demonoid) and also manage to boot another compile i found on Demonoid. I tried to switch kernels and installed vanilla, still no go. Installed azalia, chud, audeee. reinstalled azalia but nothing works. found a thread somewhere about some terminal commands and memory adress but i could not figure that part out, Can anyone help me