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  1. Glad it finally worked out ! Pulling our hair is part of the game here i guess
  2. Now that you mentioned that ... I'm using the SSDT-UIAC-ALL on high Sierra and the front (and most likely the back) usb 3 ports don't work. Because of the current installation of High Sierra and all the troubleshooting I (still) have a usb hub connected to the front usb2 port on which both keyboard and mouse are hooked up. If try to plug it (the hub) into the front usb3 ports with HS running I get a immediate crash. Anyone else with that problem ?
  3. They're close enough my friend, and Yes the mixed Ram may be the culprit but no one gives a f... about benchmarks
  4. Hi Bilbo ! If You look closer they are disabled - As i stated above I tried a lot of things to get to the point to have fully working PM. They are completely useless. Piker's script had some weird behaviour (sometimes ... maybe depending on the used flags). Let me elaborate further: The first time i got PM partially working was with the wrong (/old) Scope SSDT. Every other attempt (with the correctly generated SSDT/new Scope) was a failure and would either cause a kernel panic, or cause the Cpu to run constantly at 3.0 GHz (mind You that the script's output was always without errors and all states were correctly listed in the SSDT). What did the trick was finally to use the Syntax stated above ... It's fun though even if it drives You crazy some times Thanks again for Your hard work man Sure my friend - Im cloning the High Sierra Installation to an SSD right now. If i remember correctly it was a score around 1900-2000 but i'll rerun it and post a screenshot. Geekbench 3 32 bit was 35000 (ish) and Geekbench 4 64 was around 28000
  5. Got some good news Guys PM now fully working here with a Sandy Bridge Dual setup (2xE5 2670 v1). Geekbench 3 score (32-bit) is around 35000 and Cpu speed step is working from 1.2 up to 3.3 GHz. What did the trick was ./ssdtPRGen.sh -cpus 2 -p 'E5-2670' -x 1 -target 0 -turbo 3300 -c 3 -mode custom Whatever else i've tried didn't work (I tried a lot ). My EFI folder for High Sierra z820v1 Dual E5 2670v1
  6. Wow - Is sleep working on Sierra ? My hdd's wouldn't wake up so i turned sleep off (in Sierra). As far as the update to High Sierra - I don't need it (so far) but it would be nice to have it working correctly.
  7. Hi Guys ! Anyone with a dual 2670 v1 succeeded to correctly configure Power management ? I can't get it to work with Multiplier higher than 30 and lower than 26. Geekbench 3 32 bit score is around 20000 - With proper working PM in Sierra the machine hits 35000. I've tried so far multiple times, both to generate a new SSDT and my SSDT from Sierra (which works fine there) but It never works. Attached are my DSDT, SSDT and the output of AppleIntelInfo.dat What am i missing ? SSDT.aml DSDT.aml
  8. Great Work (...again) Bilbo ! Now I'll have to find some time to try it. Thanks a lot man
  9. Great news Bilbo Can't wait to check out high Sierra
  10. I get that and for sure the bios update is to blame. The voodoo part is that after the bios downgrade my original HDD installation did work just fine but the SSD did not. Same efi folder, kexts, info.plist etc. After cloning the HDD to the SSD everything worked allright. To some extent all that is fun also, but sometimes it just is a pain in the ass that makes you to take a hammer and smash all to pieces hahahaha All works fine again - thanks to Your effort in the first place of course
  11. In case of general confusion about the procedure involved to get power management going i suggest to read the instructions again carefully - they are pretty well written and easy to follow. It's easy to overlook/skip some important step in the process.
  12. Take a look here https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/333001-guide-2018-z820-sierra-the-great-guide-sucess/?do=findComment&comment=2612440 Other than that try to find someone with the same Cpu's setup and ask about the correct syntax.
  13. Kext wizard by itself is everything You need. https://mac.softpedia.com/get/Utilities/Kext-Wizard.shtml https://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/31741/permissions-reset