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  1. I'm not sure if I missed it or not, can someone link me to a good wifi replacement to run OS X with & how to replace the card?
  2. thanks for the detailed explanation why does dell have to screw everybody over with their laptop designs and last question is it ok to update to 10.9.2 now?
  3. this is like my complete noob moment... to get the wifi working natively, do i need to break the computer open and install it? if so, what is the recommended wifi card model?
  4. Is there a way to enable 3finger gestures on N4110? the voodooPS2Controller provided in the OP only lets me scroll w/ 2 finger & flick up with 3 fingers to go back in finder
  5. every things great except wifi.... I'm using Belkin N150 wifi adapter (diff from the one in my sig) with kext from Realtek They only have kext up to 10.8 so i think the system version being too new for the kext is causing the notebook to lose sound after sleeping w/ adapter in USB 2 or not wake up at all after sleeping w/ adapter in USB 3
  6. That might be the problem for me but i installed the AppleHDA using a different kext utility and it works... so alls fine except that i lose sound after the laptop falls asleep with USB 3 plugged in
  7. my sound won't work ... in the system profiler, AppleHDA.kext isn't loaded at boot is there any way to force-load this kext?
  8. Yep and i got it to install im working on postinstall stuff
  9. Got it to boot by changing the folder name to the model number
  10. I need help booting up the installer. it gets stuck in the gray grid like the pics above Im using 2 USB's (clover usb (4GB) in the USB 3 port on the right and OS X USB (8GB) in the USB 2 port) specs: intel core i5-2430m Intel HD 3000 (no switchable graphics) 6gb ram 640gb hdd centrino-1030 wireless CPU-Z mainboard has the model number 05TM8C if that helps