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  1. Leopard (10.5) and iBook G3

    Any news on this topic, especially with the 9A581 build? Former versions installed on a G4 didn't boot my iBook G3 700.
  2. Leopard Beta

    ...or make a copy of the dvd, write LEO on it and lay it down somewhere on the street, then one of your neighbours will pick up the dvd and host it on any "digital broadcasting device"! The missing irony tags: <irony></irony>
  3. On legality and Leopard...

    @pengy: Not bad for your 2nd post! ;-) No, just joking. In my opinion the context on this matter couldn't be explained any better!
  4. Here's an idea for distributing 9A466

    One could make a split dmg image (standard with Apple Disk Utility, normal compression), with every part just 100 megs in size, then upload every part under a completely different name to a hosting service like rapidshare. Then use some link protection site to even more conceal the real filename, and finally bring out a list with those links. In the case, that some links are removed, only they need to be replaced.