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  1. 15 xps L502x 4 gig ram 540m gt I-7 I have the 2620m or 2630 1080p and the 6230 N wifi the rest of the stuff is pretty standard i assume so..... Ok HI Every 1 , I am new here and i want to thank all the people who have been contributing to get the 15 xps working. I have been following the guide on the first page i ran into some problems. I manged everything fine until step 15. Here is my first question: 1) the guide uses 3.7.0 and i only manged to find 3.9.0 so is that a problem? I clicked only those options sated in the guide anyway. so is that fine?? problem 2 comes immediately in the next step. I have never used a mac in my life b4. and i have no idea about this dsdt.aml file..... 2) Where ON EARTH IS THE ROOT FILE????? what do u exactly mean copy it to the root of of your snow leopard? i am sorry i am a complete idiot but yeah i dont know. can some 1 tell me? i have looked throguh out the whole 11 pages and it seems like i am the only 1 who doesn't know where this root file is. <<< this has got me going crazy!!! 3) i have never used this php code stuff. can some 1 show me a picture of what step 17 should look like as in a picture of the whole desktop and where and how i enter the code? sorry........ like i said i have never used a mac b4. Please help me . Thank you