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  1. Option to boot windows with clover disapeared

    Oke, will do that, thanks for the help !!!!
  2. Option to boot windows with clover disapeared

    When i waited longer i did get to the screen where i can do the startup repair, but after that it seems my harddisk got bad. After it i just got a black screen, and after letting it sit for a couple hours and rebooting it now gives me the S.M.A.R.T Bad, Backup and Replace. I guess this means i have to buy another disk or get one from the warranty i have ?. Could this problem have anything to do with it having hackintosh being installed on it ? or is it just bad luck ?
  3. Option to boot windows with clover disapeared

    Okay so i tried to do the repair with only the the hard disk with windows on it but it gets stuck at a blue screen at where i can use my cursor but nothing happens.
  4. Option to boot windows with clover disapeared

    Thanks, i will try that, It actualy just finished and said startup repair couldn't repair my PC.
  5. Option to boot windows with clover disapeared

    Its still atempting repairs (10 hours so far) when should i give up ? i heard it can take verry long
  6. Option to boot windows with clover disapeared

    Okay thank you, i managed to get an bootable usb from another computer with windows 10 and Im trying to do the repair now. Im getting the Attempting repears screen going on now for 2 hours. How long should it take ? and how do i know if its not stuck ? By the way : is there a way how i can check what the problem caused in the first place so it wont happen again ? Or does some of you know what this cause is or could it be a number of diffrent reasons ?
  7. Option to boot windows with clover disapeared

    Thanks, i tried placing this in the EFI folder. This results in the following : Your PC needs to be repaired A required device isn't connected or can't be accessed. Error code: 0xc0000225 [ A text saying I should use recovery tools on my installation media to fix the issue. ] Press Enter to try again Press F8 for Start-up Settings Press Esc for UEFI Firmware Settings If I press F8, the message changes to: The application or operating system couldn't be loaded because a required file is missing or contains errors. File: \Windows\system32\winload.efi Error code: 0xc0000225 ---------------------------------- @ pippox0 : Should i use the same version when reinstalling the bootloader (clover) ? or can i install a more up to date version or even another recommended bootloader ?
  8. Option to boot windows with clover disapeared

    Okay , how should i do that ? i updated it from windows 8 so i dont have a windows 10 instaltion disc
  9. Option to boot windows with clover disapeared

    Thank you, i used EFI Mounter to check and mount the EFI folder. When i open it it's empty. (are this no hidden files?) So what should i do next ? where can i find the boot files i need ? The second one (windows EFI gives me an error) Unexpected disk indentifier: disk1s2
  10. Hi , I've had a working dual boot system for a while but now i can't acces windows annymore. (windows 10 and el Capitan) In the clover boot menu it only shows the option to load OSX , which works fine but the option to load windows is gone, also when i try to acces it at the bootmenu, none of the options is working, which did work before. I have both Systems installed on seperated hard drives and im using clover for it to boot. I dont think the windows drive is corrupted or something becouse i can acces it in osx. Anny ideas on how to check what the problem is or what it could be ? Thanks System : Cpu : Intel - Core i7 4790 Motherboard : asus b85m-g 16 GB Ram
  11. Hi, I succesfully installed a version of el capitan on 1 hard disk and on the other i have installed 2 versions of Windows 10 on 2 different partitions. I used UEFI, and i can boot in the clover boot menu to osx and windows boot menu, but i would like to have those 2 options in clover so i can choose the diffrent partions from there. Is this possible ? and if yes , how ??
  12. Hi , i Did everything as told in this guide, but it does not load Iotkas from the the other USB in clover. When i click right mouse on the boot from external i also see only 1 usb regocnized. But in the normal boot menu it finds it. What am i missing ? also i use the most up to date version of Bootdiskutility , could that be the problem as you use a older one ? Thanks in advance
  13. M-Audio AudioPhile 2496, pci soundcard

    Hi Guys , im still messing with the instalation of m-audio , 2496. But can't get it to work. (using snow leopard 10.6.7) I get the message No pci audio hardware found (or for some reason the drivers arn't loaded), or when i open it from system preferences it tells me it does't work on a intel based mac. I did install the Driver envy24 , but seems not to work. I really need this for producing. Would this be a pci detection problem ? or is it just my driver ? i cant find out. Anny help would be great.