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  1. Do you belive in Jesus

    Plenty of other people have done plenty of good things. I try to see the good in all kinds of people, whether they're associated with religion or not. I just solely mention Jesus because he seems to the topic in here.
  2. What was your first operating system?

    I mostly remember my operating systems when I was little only because of the games I played on them. Age 5: DOS- Sharkey's Pool Age 6: Mac LC 580 - System 7, Jump Start First Grade and Math Ace Jr. Age 7: Windows 95 - Commander Keen and Biomenace and then 98, XP, and now OS X.
  3. Do you belive in Jesus

    A lot of people I've known say worshipping Jesus makes them feel closer to him. To me, seeing Jesus as a human being who ate and slept like you and me helps me feel closer to him. He was a good guy who had some good things to say, and got screwed over pretty bad for it. Not a very uncommon scenario, even in today's age. Seeing Jesus as a human, not supernatural, me makes me want to go out and just be good to people like he was. Then again this is totally subjective, so I see no right or wrong. Just take some good from the things he had to say, however way you want to do it.
  4. Your favorite childhood TV show?

    Doug by far. The Beets were the greatest Killer Tofuuuuuuu!
  5. Full Metal Jacket 2001: A Space Odyssey Pulp Fiction The Big Lebowski The dude abides...
  6. Some of my favorites... Alice Russell - Under the Munka Moon Bonobo - Animal Magic Jaco Pastorius - Self-titled Aesop Rock - Daylight RJD2 - Deadringer Dave Matthews Band - The Central Park Concert Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds - Live at Luther College Deltron 3030 - Self-titled Godspeed You! Black Emperor Keller Williams - Laugh Nujabes - Modal Soul Prefuse 73- One Word Extinguisher Chick Corea - Akoustic Band B.B. King - Anthology
  7. I saw Dave Matthews Band with Robert Randolph and the Family Band... amazing. Gnarls Barkley was pretty cool too, I like how they're always in costume, they were tennis players when I saw them.