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  1. This a photo of a USB boot from the older i.P.o.r.t.a.b.l.e (10.0.0) with the default 'chocolate' kernel, at least it stopped when it KP so I was able to take a pic of it.
  2. I think VoodooTSCsync.kext are a part of both myHack USB-boot and ###### USB-boot, and none of them get past the KP and instant reboot unfortuneately.... Thanks//Zztony
  3. MacPro 5,1 (2010) same as the one that works like a charm with only 1 cpu installed
  4. Hi, I have a Dell Precision Workstation T7500 with 2 Quad-Core 'westmere' Xeon W5580@3.20GHz and 12GB ECC RAM installed. I got it up&running very smoothly with only 1 CPU installed, ###### - Install 10.8.2 - ###### = OK! BUT, It seems impossible for me to even boot OSX with both CPU's installed, I've tried any version.(tried 10.5.x/10.6.x/10.7.x/10.8.x) What do I need to do to boot this system with both CPU's installed? KP error and instant reboot every time, very hard to be quick enough to record or take a pic of it..... Any ideas or suggestions? Cheers//Zztony
  5. Please help with dsdt for dell T7500 dual xeon x5667

    Hello! I aslo have a T7500 with Dual Quad Xeon´s and dual FX4800 Cards, but are struggling with booting with both CPU´s. Any luck with this? Do some of you have any guide on the inst procedure for either 10.6.x or 10.7.x with choice of kexts etc? I got it booting OK with 10.7.2, but no newer updates etc and only with ONE cpu..... Any idea on how I can get it to boot with 2 CPU´s either in 10.6.x or 10.7.x or maybe in 10.8.x Mountain Lion? I would really LOVE to get this StarShip rockin´ Cheers, //Zztony