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  1. In my case, i don't remember of getting any music from my buddy's mp3 players...
  2. Any Genesis fans in the house?

    haha I like both the band and the book =)
  3. Any Rush fans in the house?

    Rush is a great band!

  5. $10k Prize Won for Macbook Hack

    So...if you don't access any malicious sites, you cannot be hacked, even if you're under a wireless network....that's something cool
  6. 2G Nano 8gb x 5G Video 30gb

    Cases? Marware Sidewinder (iLounde A-): http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebO...plm=TH637LL%2FA Agent18 VideoShield Kit (iLounge A-): http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebO...plm=TH639LL%2FA Belkin Brushed Metal/Acrylic Case: http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebO...plm=TL017LL%2FA Griffin Reflect Case: http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebO...plm=TM007LL%2FA All the same price, 2 of them high-rated on iLounge...do one of you have one of this?
  7. 2G Nano 8gb x 5G Video 30gb

    now that the ipod was chosen, im looking for a case that worths what it costs...you guys know what i'm saying...i read about the evo3 and get excited with this option
  8. 2G Nano 8gb x 5G Video 30gb

    Thank you guys for all your opinions, and today i have ordered my 30gb white video...i found out that storage space will be very useful for me.
  9. 2G Nano 8gb x 5G Video 30gb

    Oh my...i'm gettind crazy tryin to decide about this haha At this moment i'm choosing the 30gb =/ I heard that the HD is not damaged if you do the "shaking" activity with the ipod turned off, is it true? Also i like the idea of having my entire collection in my pocket =P and the size of the video isn't big for me...
  10. 2G Nano 8gb x 5G Video 30gb

    Does you 60gb ipod skips musics? Never get any physical problems with it?
  11. 2G Nano 8gb x 5G Video 30gb

    I'm almost decided to get the 8gb black one, and the Titan Clear case (A- in ilounge). The issue is that this case is only sold in the manufacturer site, and i wanted to buy the ipod and the case at the same online store (like bestbuy), to be easier to the person that will buy it for me pick the right stuff, and also doesn't need to register in 2 online stores just to buy a case. Is there any trustable online store that sells this case and the ipod?
  12. 2G Nano 8gb x 5G Video 30gb

    I guess zune is out of question...A company as big as microsoft can't have products with incompatibility problems like Zune and Windows Xp Im thinking about getting the 8gb nano, the new itrip for 2g nano, and use a sleeve as case for the ipod
  13. 2G Nano 8gb x 5G Video 30gb

    Sorry but i'm new to iPods lol Is changing the musics inside it an easy thing to do? Because i'm always ripping new albums, and need to change the musics on the ipod very often... iTunes is the best solution for doing this or other software can do this easily? Thank you all for the tips! Almost forgot...does the nano really need a case or can i spend the money of the case in an acessory like dock or fm transmitter?
  14. 2G Nano 8gb x 5G Video 30gb

    any complains about the ipod video durability?
  15. I have a medium musica collection that sizes up to 10gb, and now i'm looking forward to buy an iPod =) For 250 bucks i can get a 8gb nano, or a 30gb ipod video. Here's my current situation: - I don't care much for videos - I like the 30gb size - I ride a bicycle to school twice a day Can the 30gb HDD ipod resist to some vibrations? Will it break soon if i take it to school? This is the top doubt i have...I need to trust its durability because i'm gonna buy it on the US and bring it to Brazil...so no returning policy Guys and girls that own one of these ipods please give me this feedback i need.