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  1. Laptop battery is shown now

    as you can see this post is really old and by then i was on a different machine and running tiger.You should try voodoobattery or any other power management fix it might help.
  2. Publicidad en el foro

    o como dije antes si usas firefox instala adblock plus y si usas safari instala Safari AdBlock sencillo
  3. Publicidad en el foro

    FF + ABP
  4. you can change those by going in to the system files folders and dealing with permissions same with the folders icons but is kind of a pain to replace all those folders icons one by one so an app like candybar is easier to manage
  5. I ported the font using fontlab studio to use it as a system font replacement,font name is bauhaus
  6. Here http://h4xr.org/0cdl
  7. I tried that too but still the same,did you got it to work on Tiger? If you did can you please post your files so i can give it a try.Thanks.
  8. Hi i tryied on Tiger but the kext won't load at boot.
  9. Laptop battery is shown now

    is not working right on my tiger im getting Current battery charge: 42949672% and the battery indicator keeps saying power source:power adapter no matter it is running on battery and always stays at 100% charge complete.
  10. [How To] GMA900 with QE and CI support on Leopard.

    This is amazing now my leo runs great btw i used flibblesan's AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext and i have no mouse tearing at all using firefox 3rc3.Thanxs guys
  11. running fine here on a SS2 without delays and i just installed the 10.5.2 combo since is booting fine i didn't mess with the kernels