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  1. I've try to rebuild the installer but i get the same error do you think i should put my DSDT in the extra folder?
  2. Ok i ll do that.thanks
  3. the installer freeze but after it gives me the crash report i attached a few post before
  4. in fact i modded chameleon.boot.plist ,adding those ones (npci=0x3000 -f and amd_kernel) and i can boot with or without -nossse3bit with no differences,i get stuck at install startup ,when it says : mac os x is installing to OS X ML,just before it gives the "x minutes to complete" (don't know if you get me as i translated the sentences from french )
  5. CPU=Phenom X4 965 amd_kernel (9,76Mo) taken here :http://www.osx86.net/view/3539-amd_kernel_for_mountain_lion_10.8.2.html OS X 10.8.3 GTX 660 Twin force 3 OC (MSI)
  6. I attach the crash report if anyone can help it 'd be great Historique de Programme d’installation 10-Apr-2013.txt
  7. No sucess with Those flags CAn only boot with arch=x86_64 graphicsenabler=no (was wrong when i told you GE=yes)
  8. Thx i gonna try in a minute (i 'm redoing the all process of creating the usb installer right now )
  9. I boot into the installer but when i click on "install" it freeze and i get a bug report Any idea? Edit : forgot to mention : i boot with arch-x86_64 -nossse3bit GraphicsEnabler=Yes -f
  10. THX but i got an nvidia660
  11. I ´ve created the installer but îm stuck at grey screen without an Apple when i should be brought to install GUI I used "amd_kernel" "npci=0x3000" -v -f
  12. thank you spakk i try immediatly
  13. Hello,is there any tutorial on how to make an USB installer for ML 10.8.3 (i have a phenom 965) Many thanks
  14. Hi all, i just wanted to know if i can use a DVD burned with "install.esd" to boot on mountain lion (don't know if you get me ) I use a boot cd found on OsX86.net and the Install.esd is from 10.8.3 (my cpu is a Phenom II 965) Thanks (and sorry for my bad english) Edit: Forget about it as i've just bought an USB Stick