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  1. Hi, I`m try to install my Thinkpad X201(3626-FJJ). I try to Myhack 3.1.2 and ##### ML1.6.1. But it dosen`t show installer gui. Any idea ?
  2. 「Hackintosh 完全裏マニュアル」について

    TGさん はじめまして。 初めてOSXのイメージが流出したころから、Hackintoshで遊んでいる物です。 あの手のムックは、少々怪しくても有る程度のシェアはあるようで・・・・。 私的には、「読むに値せず」と思っています。 EFiXも2個持ってますが、最近はiBoot+MultiBeastで遊んでいます。 もうちょっとしたら、PowerMacG4(AGP)の中に、MicroATX入れた環境が 出来上がりそうなので、レポート出来ればいいかなぁ?と思っています。 ※それにしても、昨今のHackintosh周りは、昔よりずいぶん楽になりましたねw
  3. PC: ML115G1 Graphics: Generic GeForce8600GTS 256MB Mobo: Foxconn not for retail sales Sound: Roland UA-1EX Extra items selected during install: TimeMachine was not working after install. Installed that fixes and TimeMachine work fine! http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry627444 Overall/Summary: Totaly work fine, but after Xcode3.0 install and reboot, it happen kernel panic. Anyone happend same problem ? I`m not sure, but in 9.2.0 kernel, this problem happend. Keep more research. --Edited 3/Mar/2008 -- So, after TimeMachine`s patch, my network offten dead... I copied my backups of IONetworkingFamily.kext. Be care full!!! I think if update these kext, we need backup exist kexts. ----------------------
  4. TimeMachine fails backup

    Thank you for this tip!! TimeMachine was work fine !!
  5. HOW TO: Installing 10.4.3 in VMWare

    hello Can i help your hacking ? I'm software engineer, and I have build enviroment on PearPC. ofcourse 10.4.3(8F1111) and darwin 8.0.3 if u wanna compile some sources, i can test. if u have a interest, reply or pm me. sorry, my english is so bad. Ciao
  6. For example, japanese input method named 'Kotoeri' wasnt work at PPC Binary. When conversion key pressed, never converted Hiragana to Kanji but warning sound was heard. Some guys try to another Japanese input method, it shuld be same. Any idea ?
  7. MSN Messenger 5

    Microsoft Messanger5 is work fine. But, in japanese envirment some problem.