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    DSDT Patch Battery HP Envy 13 d006nl Error

    You were right man! I did not even think about it! Thanks a lot!
  2. Hi I've extracted and disassembled without problems the DSDT and SSDTs and now I have a DSDT.dsl that compile without problems. All the patched that I think I need are applied and do not cause problems except for the battery one. I used the HP G6 2221ss patch from Rehabman repo (since my laptop is quite similar to the supported ones) but this patch generates 81 Errors in the DSDT. The errors are of two typer: Most of them are object not found that I think is due to the first error that is: Object not found or not accessible from scope (^^LPCB.EC0.SMD0) Hope someone can help, I attach the unmodified dsdt.dsl My laptop is a i7 6500U skyline with intel hd 520
  3. Unfortunately I don't have that option in Bios, is there any way to do it?
  4. Hi I'm trying to install macOS Sierra on an HP G62 I managed to find some info on the forum and I've created the USB Installer using the "createinstall" method the installed clover legacy (EFI attached) but when I boot on the installer I get a black screen (after DMOS arrived). Can someone help me? I've read that the problem may be some IntelHDFB graphics kext but I cannot edit the kext on the installer! There's no Extensions folder in S/L Specifications: CPU: Intel Core i3 350M (Arrandale) GPU : Intel HD Graphics 1st Gen and ATI Radeon HD 5470M WLAN : Atheros AR9285 LAN: Realtek RTL8101E/8102E Audio: Realtek ALC270 TouchPad: Synaptics LuxPad v7.4 Webcam: HP Webcam-101 Card Reader: Realtek RTS5159 EFI.zip
  5. Hi I have the same laptop, can you post your entire clover efi folder?
  6. Hello, I have an HP Envy 6 -1070el - i5 3317U - HM77 - Intel HD 4000 - AMD 7670M -Audio IDT 92HD91BXX I've managed to install Yosemite using Chameleon but I'm having trouble patching DSDT I hope someone can help me. I'd like to disable AMD Radeon , patching for Brightness (I don't have the slider), AppleHDA patched (I've found that with layout id =0 i can see something in system report but no audio devices output). I'd like also to have a functionally sleep because battery is really important to me but since now i couldn't manage it. I've attached a clean DSDT and my org.chameleon. boot file Hope someone can help me. Thanks
  7. pocchio

    Wifi replacement

    iFire are those compatible without removing the BIOS's Whitelist? I'm actually trying not to remove the whitelist
  8. pocchio

    Wifi replacement

    Hi i have an Hp Envy 6 -1070el laptop running 10.9.3 mavericks and I want to upgrade my bcm4313 wifi card. I heard that hp has bios whitelist but I cannot find which cards are compatible with my ultra book? Any suggestions?
  9. Hi I'm looking for a Usb Wifi native airport compatible for my hackbook. Anyone can help me?
  10. use genericUSBXHCI latest version and AHCI patch it worked for me Hp Envy 6 1070el
  11. Hi everyone i finally manage to have an almost acceptable installation of ML 10.8.0 using a patched AppleAHCIport.kext because i can't set AHCI mode in my HP locked BIOS. When i upgrage to 10.8.4 i obtain Still Waiting For Root Device. I read the problem is AppleAHCIPort fix that doesn't works for 10.8.3 and later. So is there any fix that can help me? Thanks in advance
  12. Hi everyone i'm trying to install Mountain Lion on my ultrabook, i've tryed a lot, here what i've got: -#####: boot0 error from HDD and everything works perfectly using USB except HD 4000 (only HDMI works no display port) - iAtkosML2: only with -v-x-f USBBusFix=Yes from USB. From HDD is stuck at the very first screen after ATI Framebuffer but internal display works in Installer and after installation only if i use HD4K-ig=3. -MyHack: display port at installer, cannot boot from either HDD or USB i'm stuck at Still Waiting For Root Device I can't set AHCI mode in BIOS but i've used some AppleAHCI kext for HP laptops. Anyone can help me? Report from AIDA64 attached