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  1. Hi everybody, I have imac (mid 2011) with Lion installed on it with two partitions: 1. 300GB - OS X part 2. 700GB - Files part (in all 4 - with hidden EFI and lion recovery partition) Now, I would like to install Win 7 just for gaming purposes (hey, can't work all the time ). The main question is - is it possible to install win 7 without reformatting my drive? Boot Camp is out of the game - since it asks for disk to be just one partition. Now here's what I tought (I have no real experience in messing with boot loaders so please feel free to correct me if I wrote something dumb). I installed rEFIt on a USB stick, and I added 100GB FAT32 partition at the end of the drive (internal imac disk). Would it be possible just to insert win7 disk at a startup and install it on that partition? Would that render my computer unbootable, or mess up OS X? Thanks for any help in advance.