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  1. GoodOmens

    Will you use 2D or 3D dock on bottom?

    Side all the way :-)
  2. Bah burning the damn thing is taking longer then the download.
  3. Par is a parity format used in usenet to help with damaged/missing parts. If a file is missing/damaged it can be reparied / replaced from the parity files (.parX files). Kind of like raid.
  4. A little birdie told me it is on demonoid ..
  5. The real one is 6.56GB with a hash of 2e3346b8a2b01aababc951dfff0d71d786a870cd .. is a rar file Anyone have a way to make torrents over a command line? Thats all I have access to at the moment (mac is at home I am at work). I don't have dev tools to compile createtorrent ... so if somone could compile it for the mac ....
  6. Heh since TL restricts who uploads to the site and the fact the guy uploading is a seasoned zero day seeder this one is real. Besides people in the retail business already have copies waiting to be sold. I know of one person who installed a retail copy over the weekend. It was just a matter of time before it got upped.
  7. I'm sure it will be on there in a matter of hours. No one on TL has completed it yet.
  8. Jesus the guy seeding it has a 100mbit connection ... maybe I will go home sick today
  9. What's wrong with TL? Great site and speeds ... getting around 800k/sec ... should be done when I get home ... now to remember to pick up some DL discs ... *Quit asking for invites I can't give any out*
  10. I was refering to the date inside the PDF at the bottom page 80 : Rev. 8-14-07 .. could be meaningless but it looks like a date :-/
  11. I don't know what your smoking but it comes up clean for me Looks legit to me ... unless this manual was included with any of the beta's (The revision date is 8-14).
  12. I think someone was uploading it to oink too as the site was going down :-/
  13. GoodOmens


    Thats because no one knows ... try it out yourself and let us know. Keep doing this and you will just {censored} people off.