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  1. OS X Lion Sources OUT!

    is that the kernel sources..?!
  2. Internet Connection Problems - HELP!

    No specific reason.. my text is bold because I used to write in vbulletin forums and it was one of my signs bold-blue-size 4..It looked nice there, but it seems you understanding something from writing in bold so i will quit using it.. about the money thing I can completely understand you.. I'm a journalist with 300 Egy. Pound/month.. and this IMac I told you about is 10,000 pounds in apple mini-store (there are no Apple stores -for some reason- in the whole eastern part of the globe)..! but I just using the same way that some people using here: "My hardware is not compatible" they -simply- tell you : "go get a compatible one..!" so, by thinking the same way, the most comp. hardware for mac os is a mac machine..!! and now I'm thinking twice before I buy a new lan card.. It is dirt cheap.. but I keep thinking" what if my dear leopard just didn't like it..? do I have to keep changing my hardware to satisfy my system..? I'm an open-source activist.. and in open source we are not working for fun.. we working for a cause.. can my dear osx86 programmers consider that they are working for bringing mac sys to EVERY pc.. so they can take compatibility problems more seriously..?
  3. Internet Connection Problems - HELP!

    Tenatious: take one of the two attachments for your Ethernet, there are rumors that they work... Sevan: I'm afraid I haven't any.. you can have Linux or buy a real Mac..! get yourself 1300$ and buy an IMac.. I'm really begun to fed up with the Osx86 idea because there is no Single documented site on the net having real answers for only one question: "is my hardware supported..? or should I keep chasing visions (like the war chief in WarCraft) in the whole WWW..?" RTL1xxx_1.02.pkg.zip RealtekR1000_release.pkg.zip
  4. Internet Connection Problems - HELP!

    not much better.. better get a non-built-in card coz osx86 is somewhat dumb with the built ins (look at my signture..!!) I had once a good ethernet card but I give it to a friend before enterin osx86 world.. and now he refuses to give it back..!
  5. Internet Connection Problems - HELP!

    please don't tell me your ethernet is SiS900..!
  6. [How To] Solutions for Ethernet Problems

    SIS 900.... too......! Public enemy no. 1...
  7. Realtek AC97 Audio / not sound

    REALLY...???Thanxxxxx I hope it just works..
  8. AC´97 Realtek sound

    Hi DimQ These Asus Xseries motherboards were spreading like fire here in Egypt 1 or 2 years ago when I assembled my new pc.. but it got 2 issues: a built in sis 900 ethernet (our common problem.. ) it is PNP supported with windows & linux but no Mac osx (from what I heared in 2 days.. since I just installed my OSX 10.4.8 only yesterday) & that stupid realtek AC97 which seems to be against the plug&play theory..!! The win Xp can't Auto-recognize it..(I was told that Xp Service pack2 can Auto-install ANY sound card..!!) & Vista too.. & now Mac OSX..??!! thats really too much... Best regards..