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  1. Callisto Technical Discussion

    Working on my x300 (my screen is a TFT from laptop). Sometimes load bad (I think frequency, because I can see my screen flashing a lot) resolution and I have to play changing resolutions until I watch all perfectly (switching from 800x600 to 1024x768 and 1280x800, changing res a couple of tiimes until all works well). this problem may be caused for the defective monitor detection's that omni's talking in his blog? Thanks Omni!
  2. omni driver for ATI with QE/CI/GL

    I'd be happy with the possibility of changing resolution and acceleration cappabilities within (QE) please omni, forget comments like those. and thanks for your work. It's very important for many of us.
  3. Hi all... Thanks for the driver and thanks to all developers whose are making a great effort to help us. One question.... My system doesn't detect the battery charge yet. The battery's Icon shows 0% of charge always... why? It's a centrino (with intel Chipset). It's possible that I have to do any change before install the driver? Thanks otherwise!
  4. My Motorola SB4200 cablemodem is recognized in network (via USB) at system preferences, but I dunno make it work. DHCP does'nt not work and if I put the public address in network preferences does not work also... any idea?
  5. I've same problem. Stick appears in system properties, driver is loaded, but nohing happens, no light, no device shown in ralink's usb utility.. nothing. I'm using F1111. My stick is a conceptronic, it appears in info.plist (but PID and VID are decimal values).
  6. Did you try to compile ATA's Kext and install it again(with kextload from terminal)? I suffered same thing when I installed 10.4.3 on 10.4.1, then I compiled ATA kexts (for my VIA chipset) and all goes faster. You can get it from sources of darwin.
  7. Maxxuss patched and interesting result

    My system crashed after install the second patch fromm maxxuss (coregraphics and other file patched for SSE2) anyone does know something about this?
  8. the new 10.4.3 MaxxussAntiTPM_10 patch

    After newest maxxuss' patch for SSE2 (core graphcis and other archives patched) my system crashed (patch aplied inmediately after macos installation). Anyone does know why it can be?
  9. Does it supports Drivers compiled for PPC?
  10. Thread says its a Small downloadable update, isn't it? Where we could download it?
  11. It's a VIA ATA controller
  12. I patched the dvd from Maxuss' dvd installer patch, and I added another kext compiled for 10.4.3 (for the ATA) by 'MacGirl' .. and my system is slower than 10.4.1. It freezes a little (jumps) when system is accesing to harddrive. Do u kwnow where can I get better kexts? Thanks!
  13. I've installed 10.4.3 and.. My system goes slowly... very very slowly when my computer is accesing to disk . I think it's possible I need to update the ATA kext's... Does anyone know anything about this? Sorry.. My system is a laptop with a semprom 3000+ and a VIA Chipset.
  14. About Kexts.. I didn't see any new kexts with this update.My via rhine does not work yet. About multilanguage support: Now I can see applications in spanish, but.. The finder's menu still stays in english (And I dunno why).
  15. They said, They wont do anything to avoid windows instalations on new macs (macintels)... Here's your compatibility issue Hoped