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  1. Hey guys, is there a hint to get the apple bluetooth module with org. Apple driver working under Win7? I've got only a "Generic Bluetooth Radio" in the "Device Manager" but can't update the driver from the bootcamp package. The drivers for the apple keyboard and magic mouse wouldn't work. Thanks in advance. p.s. in Mac OS X it works like a charme except after the wakeup it takes a half minute to get a connection : \
  2. Thank you. I've found a dealer on eBay who sells a BCM92046MD for an a1261. So I would buy it and test your description above.
  3. Hi, I am using the a1114 modul everything is nice. Wake up from sleeping, gestures with the MagicMouse etc. but can't use it in Chameleon. So I looked for a BCM92046MD (a1181) but I didn't find one on eBay or so. Just find a modul from Dell with the BCM92046MD chip, would this work nativly in Lion? Could anyone tested one? Do you (20S7737) use an a1181 Apple Bluetooth Modul? Thanks in advanced. soma