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  1. a little birdie tweets - 9A559

    Anyone have a workaround for the Quicksilver icon appearing in the dock?
  2. Bugs in 9a559

    Thanks! That worked PERFECTLY!
  3. Bugs in 9a559

    Same question. The .Mac sync icon is up on the menu bar as a (presumably) menu extra. Searching in SYstem Preferences for how to remove it points to the .mac pane, but there is no option to turn it off in that pane. Other issues - Quicksilver's dock icon is still visible, not matter WHAT you do to it (if anyone has figured out a workaround, I would LOVE to hear it). Spotlight search is ridiculously buggy. Half the time, when I invoke a search, it won't display any results.
  4. Build 9a527

    How's Quicksilver in this build? Does it have the same problem of showing its icon in the dock even when told not to? In fact, how are Dock reliant apps (like Adium). I heard in the last build they didn't change the icon at all (as in it couldn't be updated with status and the like)
  5. 9a499 bugs & problems

    Issues I've been having: - Many graphical glitches (on new MBP, 2.2 C2D 2GB RAM, nVidia 128MB card, so it seems odd) including strangely displayed text, buttons not showing up properly and various text getting gaarbled when scrolling. - Most things are slow to launch, though this may have to do with spotlight indexing and a time machine backup I have yet to do extensive testing and this is my first experience with a build (I hadn't used the WWDC beta) but so far, I like it, but not enough to use over Tiger.
  6. Dual Screen Supprt

    Radeon 9600 AP: Radeon 9600 AP: Chipset Model: Radeon 9600 AP Type: Display Bus: PCI VRAM (Total): 128 MB Vendor: ATI (0x1002) Device ID: 0x4150 Revision ID: 0x0000 Displays: Color LCD: Resolution: 1280 x 1024 @ 60 Hz Depth: 32-bit Color Core Image: Supported Main Display: Yes Mirror: Off Online: Yes Quartz Extreme: Supported I haven't bothered going to AGP because as far as I can tell, replacing IOPCI to a less version and gettting AGP recognized does nothing except read AGP in System Profiler. Is that very wrong?
  7. Hello all. I just recently installed JaS 10.4.8 on a spare rig I had lying around because I wanted to test it to put to use on my main system. Everything is working fantastically and I really don't think I could ask for much more, but I will anyway. On of the main draws of OS X on my main desktop is it's spectacular use of screen real estate. I use dual monitors and while Windows supports them, every OS X dual monitor system I've ever used does SUCH a better job. I have a Radeon 9600 Pro AGP 128MB Card (device id 4150) and while I've gotten two screens to work mirrored, I haven't found any info on how to, or even if I can, use spanned dual screens. I see that Natit works for dual screens, but it also looks like it's only for newer ATI cards. If there is no way to get dual screens to work on my card, will Natit work on an X800? I've been searching for days but haven't found a full compatibility list for it. Thanks in advance!