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  1. I put in the card to have more satas on the motherboard because they are all taken up. my system has 2 opticals and 4 HDD's. The card is powering both my esata ports. which are only sata II. thats why I would like to use the port multiplier to power both Esatas and free up one sata III for SSD. would love to free up 2 sata III's but I dont see how. cause I dont think the sata on the Motherboard support port multiplier.
  2. does anyone know where I can get the cable to use the port multiplier function of this card?
  3. gigabyte Z68MA-D2H-B3

    anybody know anything on this, its been a little while now?
  4. gigabyte Z68MA-D2H-B3

    Hello All, I have a hackintosh up and running on Lion with the above mother board... The board has 2 sata 6.0 4 sata 3.0's. I have a bluray and a dvd writter connected to two of the sata 3.0's. The other 4 each have a hard drive connected thru a power switch where I can load OSX, Windows, Ubuntu, by switching the power to which drive I want to boot from... My PCI express x16 lane is occupied by AMD HD 5870. I'm wanting to get into the SSD now....The only thing with the small capacities, (thinking of getting 2 240's, one for windows, one OSX) I'm still going to need the hard drives for less used programs.. All this adds up to I need more SATA ports, so maybe if someone could recommend to me a pci express card with preferably 4 ports that would work under LIon and Windows. Also my case has two esatas and I didnt have any extra satas to connect those. The card really doesnt have to be sata 6.0, as I cant see myself getting more than two which I can just use the ones on the motherboard. Just mainly to get the opticals off the motherboard and connect the esatas... any help on this will be greatly appreciated.... Thanks..... And Merry Christmas......
  5. OSX Lion on Inspiron 1525

    I managed to solve this one myself...It was one of the memory chips in the inspiron. I now have lion up and running...just have to get the wifi working....thanks
  6. I've had my Dell 10v for over a year running snow leopard... It was pretty easy to set up; I've used it a lot... I wanted to get something that could run Lion, so I purchased a used Inspiron 1525. Specs are 3gb ram, 250HD, Pentium dual core 1.66... I first tried it out with snow leopard, upgraded to 10.6.8. It was running much quicker than the 10v.. Only thing that didnt work was the wireless, but I didnt worry about that much cause I was ready to try the lion install. I followed nozyczek install guide to the letter, making the USB Lion Install disk. This guide calls for a fresh install so I wiped the snow leopard (I do have a backup) and away it went. It comes up, I partition my drive with disk utility, 1 partition GUID, it starts installing, when the installer get down to about 6 minutes the computer just turns off.. when I reboot (with the USB Lion) since it didnt complete I cant access the OSX partition, all I can do is start the install with the USB stick again.. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated... thanks