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  1. How to squeeze Leopard to a SL-DVD

    So is it really worth the aggravation to put it on (1) DVD-R versus buying a dual layer DVD-R?
  2. How to squeeze Leopard to a SL-DVD

    Will this method work on a RETAIL image or only on beta builds? With all the trouble people are having with the install, would it be worth buying a couple of Dual Layer DVDs to avoid the aggravation??
  3. Do you know where I can get the MD5? As for putting the ISO on a single layer disc, anyone have a tutoria on what to remove from?
  4. This OSX release is not labeled 9A581 on the filename. Is this what you mean?
  5. I am referring to a group release of the official Leopard install disc to use on my MacBook Pro. Anyone know which one is retail?
  6. What group release of Leopard is RETAIL and could someone put malware in it?
  7. I don't know. I spent hours and hours tryinig to get things to work. In the end, I wiped the IDE install, and did the VMWare install.
  8. I tried copying my IDE image to SATA, it didn't work. What I did (as previously mentioned in this thread) was install via VMWare to the SATA partition. After everything was setup, I was able to boot nativley from the SATA partiton. Checkout my post about this for more info.
  9. Did you try installing with VMWare ?
  10. This happen to me when I installed to IDE. When I installed via VMWare to my SATA drive, then copied the Nforce4 kext over, this doesnt happen anymore.
  11. Most Dells don't have IDE anymore, even the optical drives are SATA.
  12. Why doesn't OSX support writing to NTFS drives?
  13. Do you use OSX86 as your primary OS ?

    Did you get your MBP from the link in your sig?
  14. Do you use OSX86 as your primary OS ?

    Wow. I'm suprised by the results of the poll so far. I thought that installing OSX86 was just a fun weekend project to see if you could get it to work. I finnally got it working great on my SATA drive last week. One of the things that still bugs me thought is security. Since this is a hack, how do we know that the kernel wasn't compromised. I posted a thread about this question, and the people who replied assured me its safe. Still makes me wonder though... Am I just being paranoid?
  15. I didn't try this patch, but my reboot issue was solved after installing OSX to my SATA drive using the VMWare to Native guide. "About this MAC" also works for me now