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  1. Hi, thanks for the response. It looks like the 9800pro is the best one thats officially offered. I don't mind flashing a card, but I wonder, if there could another option available ? What about the Nvidias or ATI x1600 AGPs? Thanks for the link to macsales, seems like I missed something . ...would love to have the dual1.8GHz Sonnet card, hehe. Best wishes, Micha
  2. Hi, I was looking around for a new graficcard for the G4 mdd. Does anybody know which AGP card would be the best, with QE/CI, right now ? I think some of the PC-Cards may work, too, but I don´t have the money for expensive experiments . I have the ATI 9000, without CI support at the moment and I am in need of CI for a project, soon. Thanks in advance, Micha
  3. Work x1950gt pro ! Dev_ID = 0x72801002 and 0x72881002 !

    Hi all, THIS IS DA REAL STUFF !! YEHA, YIPPIE, WHOOOAA!! You made my day, really. I have 10.4.8 installed (never change a running system :mellow: ), and had a X1600 working. I remember that I had to delete AGPart.kext to get the x1600 up. QE/CI is fully working now, together with dual screen (extended desktop), all resolutions and rotation with Saphire crossfire 1950pro (7280) using DVI to VGA adapters, just used your installer from the first post. I have no option to connect more than two displays right now and I do not own one of those fancy tft-displays, so what the hell is DVI ? But, both cards appear in the system profiler, so i think it should be possible to connect more than just two displays. Wish you the best, Micha For those who care, the Xbench:
  4. Post YOUR instructions....

    QE/CI working with Winfast A360, Nvidia FX 5700 512MB, deviceID 0342 This machine: mobo: MSI 6398E rev1 cpu: 2.4GHZ celeron, socket 478 gfx: Winfast A360, FX5700 512MB. ID 0342 net: onboard did not work, plugged a realtek compatible pci sound: onboard AC97, working out of the box iso: JaS 10.4.8 AMD Intel SSE2 SSE3.Defiant diskutil fix.iso I installed during the initial installation the intel stuff, the boot menue fix and the nvidia (nv40) drivers. Then I went through the description of post #2. 1. remove AGPGart.kext, NVDAV10HAL.kext, NVDAV20HAL.kext, NVDAV40HAL.kext 2. place your deviceID in NVDAResman.kext, Geforce.kext and NVDAV30HAL.kext ->I just changed the string where it was neccassary, e.g. <key>IOPCIMatch</key> <string>0x032210de&0xffffffff..........</string> to <string>0x034210de&0xffffffff..........</string> and left ANYTHING else like it was. 3. repair permissions 4. reboot The use of AGPGart.kext resulted in a blank black screen with mousepointer. Performance is 100% usable for a living room PC, p2p, video, itunes, pictures... everything fine now. @ seclusion trigger F8 during boot and type"-s" for boot option, welcome to shell Thanks and credits to all involved ! Micha