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  1. Wow! thank you. I've run a hackintosh on my gigabyte EP35-DS3R for a few years now, but was always forced to use Ubuntu on my Zotac. But Eugene's work coupled with Michael Glass' instructions made it work on the second try. There's a few bugs to work out, but I should be able to handle them, and if not, then I'll post for help! Yeah, the hackintosh is a little slow, but honestly, I'm just using it for a file and web server. So far so good. Audio works, Network works, Time Machine works, Display works (I haven't tested movies yet), Bonjour works, no UUID issues This is all on a Zotac Ion D-E with 2 GB RAM (512MB allocated to video). Thanks everyone for their experiences and making me a happy guy! Cheers!
  2. I tried using EasyBCD 1.72, but it didn't like something. I gave the beta a shot and it worked like a charm. Running 10.5.6 (Kalyway) on a GA EP35 DS3R - OS X hdd is MBR and dual booting with windows 7 (which was installed after OS X on a separate hdd). Thank you!
  3. Labyrnth

    GeForce 9600 GT

    1.2.4 works just fine and is readily available with a quick search of the forums
  4. Labyrnth

    GeForce 9600 GT

    I got it working on mine using Kalyway - working on getting the 10.5.5 working (can only boot in safe mode right now) Dual screen works. Unsure about QE/CI because of being in Safe boot. <edit> Completely works w/ Kalyway and in fact installing the drivers for the 9600GT fixed the problems I was having booting 10.5.5 </edit>
  5. Labyrnth

    theStevo 4.5 Patch Released

    Any chance the 4.5 patch will work with 10.5.1?
  6. Labyrnth

    Leopard Perfect Install

    I'm looking at a P5B, P5B-VM, or a P5K Which one is going to give me the best audio? I'm looking for surround, but most of the wiki's are stating stereo.
  7. Labyrnth

    theStevo 4.0 Patch for the 775Dual-VSTA

    Okay, so I picked up a fresh version of Kalyway and reapplied the ppf using ppf-o-matic. Unfortunately I got the same result as before: AppleVIAATADriver: VIA Unknown (CMD 0xIF0, CTR 0x3f4, IRQ14, BM 0xfc00) IRQ 14 is the primary IDE driver. The only IDE device I have is the optical drive Seems that the installer doesn't like something.
  8. Labyrnth

    theStevo 4.0 Patch for the 775Dual-VSTA

    Awesome, Thanks for the quick reply.
  9. Labyrnth

    theStevo 4.0 Patch for the 775Dual-VSTA

    Okay, perfect, however tonight while attempting an install with kalyway 10.5.1 and your patch, I never made it to the installer screen while in -v, I found that the VIAATA wasn't finding any drives. I've always had success when using a USB drive, and (iirc) IDE. Any suggestions?
  10. Labyrnth

    theStevo 4.0 Patch for the 775Dual-VSTA

    Something I don't quite understand. I only have SATA hard drives, and 1 IDE DVD drive. Do I need an IDE drive to install? That is, I've tried installing 10.4.8 to no avail because of a lack of IDE drives. Does the 10.5.1 kalyway finally allow installation on SATA? The 10.4.8 disc didn't even want to recognize any SATA drives whatsoever. much obliged, -Ben
  11. Labyrnth

    Hardware- wait for 10.5?

    I've been wondering the same thing. I'm also looking at BadAxe2 (upgrading the video card to a 7300 / 7600 GT) or GA-945GME-S2 (and upgrading the ram to 2GB) Just because the HCL could change drastically, I want to hold off. I'm also curious about what the EFIx86 project could do with EFI capable boards. But, we'll see what happens. Right now I'm running an ASRock 775Dual VSTA with an AGP x1600pro (512MB) and 1GBram. I've had issues with this board where I keep getting lockups (seemingly randomly,but usually when I'm using a fair amount of system resources). I hate this feeling of impending change because I'm quite anxious to buy a more compatible system, but I also want something that's going to be leopard compatible. I imagine the BadAxe2 is going to be the best choice for now, but we shall see.
  12. Labyrnth

    About This Mac Screenshots

    My first post on this board and I'm proud to say that it was a successful install. Core2Duo on an AsRock 775Dual-VSTA w/ 1GB ram. OS X86 is booted off a USB harddrive. The screenshot was taken before I applied Marco's installer... so now I have SATA drives working and more.