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  1. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    Hello, first of all thanks for the great guides all over the forums They persuaded me to buy a new netbook just to try them I managed to install 10.6.8 using crazyjuice guide with a new fresh Full Install.. After i copied (step16 of the guide) the dsdt.aml file (3gb) over my /Extra folder, deleting first the already existing one, i rebooted the netbook and from that time I'm in an endless boot loop.. I get to the Apple logo and it starts loading, but after 30seconds there's a small image over the Apple and it keeps loading for hours without starting... The only problem I had before doing that step was the Battery icon which said (No Charging).. but beside that everything was working. Also booting with -v the system says AppleACPIBatteryDevice Error: Permanent Battery Failure (0) AppleACPIBatteryDevice Error: Permanent Battery Failure (0) and keeps saying so every 20 secs or so... anyone can help?? I noticed that in the install files provided the 3gb dsdt.aml icon is different from the 4gb and 2gb ones... maybe is that?? Also is it possible to get the previous dsdt.aml file or my only chance is doing another install?? Thanks for your help!